Airport Alert: Go At Least 3-4 Hours Early

STT airport on Feb. 25, 2020. Image credit: Teri Wine

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! Today’s post is short and sweet, but extremely important if you are currently visiting St. John or plan to in the near future.

The Virgin Islands Port Authority is asking travelers to arrive at three to four hours early when traveling out of Cyril E. King airport on St. Thomas. This is due to an issue that was found during construction, which prompted airport executives to move customs to a temporary spot in the building. This is subsequently causing long wait times especially during the afternoon when the majority of flights leave the airport.

Property managers on island have posted on social media numerous times that guests who have arrives two to two-and-a-half hours early have missed their flights. So please, get there very early.

I have also been told that the airline counters have not been opening early to accommodate those who need to check luggage or print boarding passes. So if you can travel with carry on luggage and print your boarding pass in advance, that could save you time.

The last update posted by the Virgin Islands Port Authority was on February 19th. At that point, they stated they would “resume normal operations as soon as possible.” We will let you know when that occurs.

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New St. John Webcam Alert!

The Fish Bay webcam that captured last week’s meteor explosion.

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Over the weekend, we told you how our webcam captured video of a meteor exploding near St. John. We also explained that we were tipped off to this awesome event by another resident living here on St. John, who was the first to learned he, too, caught the event on video.

Well today, we’d like to let you all know that we just added that webcam to our website. It’s located up in Skytop, which is a neighborhood high above Fish Bay. The webcam faces southwest, so it captures some pretty sunset views. Check it out:

Our new Fish Bay webcam

We also added a webcam that overlooks Rendezvous Bay on St. John’s South Shore. This webcam is located at Casa La Famiglia, and it’s in a great position to potentially catch a whale sighting. Cruz Bay Watersports spotted some last night just south of Little St. James, so they’re still here, folks!

The webcam at Casa la Famiglia faces south over Rendezvous Bay.

And lastly, we added The Beach Bar’s webcam back to the site. So now you can watch the action from one of the island’s most popular watering holes live.

The Beach Bar’s webcam is back!

We also have some not-so-great news to share with all of you. We’re moving to a new spot on the island (great news!), so the News of St. John webcam that overlooks the Westin and Great Cruz Bay will no longer be available (not so good news!). The good news is that we plan to install our webcam in our new spot which is located high above Cruz Bay. We expect this change to take place later this week.

Not familiar with our webcam page? You can see them all by visiting

That’s it for today, folks. Now go ahead and check out all of those webcams! Have a great Monday!

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A Meteor Exploded Near St. John & Our Webcam Captured It!

Now this is cool…

I received an email Saturday night from a man named Brent who lives over in Skytop in Fish Bay. He told me how his friend Mark Sudduth is professional hurricane chaser and researcher. Mark told him how a meteor exploded over the Dominican Republic early Friday morning, and he thought that Brent’s webcam may have captured it. And it did! And guess what? So did mine! So exciting!

It’s not every day that your little webcam you installed to catch a sunset or boats pulling in and out of Great Cruz Bay catches a meteor exploding…

So what I have since learned is that what Brent and I captured on our webcams is called a bolide. A bolide is “the light emitted by a large meteoroid or asteroid as it explodes in the atmosphere,” according to the American Meteor Society. Check out this quick clip I pulled from my webcam:

Pretty neat, right??!

If you want to know a bit more about this bolide, please check out this three-minute video Mark made for his YouTube followers. It also includes footage from Brent’s webcam.

I don’t know about all of you, but my mind is blown over this. So very cool. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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On the Market: Walk to Beach from 4-Unit Vacation Rental

Aqua Bay Villas has a private pool & is just steps from the beach.

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! I saw that there is a bit of a cold front moving through a good part of the United States this weekend, so I figured many of you would be interested in some real estate shopping/browsing today. So today, we’d like to tell you about a successful, four-unit vacation rental that is within walking distance to the beach and Cruz Bay. Please check out Aqua Bay Villas…

Aqua Bay Villas is a successful short term rental property with traditional Caribbean architecture. It is comprised of four fully equipped suites, each with their own kitchens, sitting areas, bathrooms and private verandahs. Aqua Bay Villas is located less than a block from Frank Bay beach and is just a short, eight-minute walk to Cruz Bay.

This designer-owned, private compound houses one two bedroom, one bath unit, and three one bedroom, one bath units. Two of those units have futons in the living room for additional sleeping accommodations. Each of the units is adorned with hand-selected furnishings from around the world.

Pathways connect the suites through its lushly landscaped grounds which lead to a shared pool complete with a gazebo and outdoor bar. Aqua Bay Villas has water views to the south and west, as well as sunset views.

Aqua Bay Villas is being offered for $1.495 million. For more information, please contact John McCann of 340 Real Estate Co. at

Tag: Cruz Bay Real Estate

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8 Tuff Miles Nearly Sold Out; Join Us at Mile 8!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s story is short and sweet. Next Saturday, February 29th, is 24th annual 8 Tuff Miles road race. We’re going to be there, and you should too!

Let’s start with the runners. There are less than 100 bib numbers left, so if you want to participate, you need to register online now. Online registration closes tomorrow, February 22nd at noon, so be sure to get that done today.

If you are not familiar with 8 Tuff Miles, it’s a pretty incredible road race that begins in Cruz Bay and ends out in Coral Bay. The course is 8.3 miles long, starts at sea level, climbs to an elevation of 1,000 feet, and then goes back down to sea level. And for those of you who have driven Centerline Road where the race takes place, you will know that there are many curves and hills along the way. Hence the name – 8 Tuff Miles.

For those of you who will be on island and want to participate, but you don’t want to run or walk the 8.3 miles, you can join me out at Mile 8. For the past four years, my friends and I have manned mile marker 8, handing out water, Gatorade and more shots that you could ever imagine. Last year, we went through about 15 bottles of liquor and 80 beers. So needless to say, it’s a St. John-style road race. 🙂

If you are interested in joining me at Mile 8, please send an email to

And at the end of the race, there is an awards ceremony/party over at Mongoose Junctions. So it’s simply a great day all around. Please visit for more information.