Chaotic Kayak = Huge Success!


Caila, News of St. John’s secret weapon

Happy Monday everyone! So Team News of St. John didn’t win yesterday’s Chaotic Kayak race, but we did raise a boatload of cash to support Team River Runner, so that’s a huge win in my book! A big thanks to all of you who supported!

More than $38,000 was raised and $2,000 of that was thanks to our loyal News of St. John fans. All of the proceeds will be used to bring a group of wounded veterans down to the island this November for a week of rest and relaxation.

Here are a few pics from the event:


A big thanks to all of the veterans who attended Sunday’s race

kayak race


NOSJ chaotic kayak

A HUGE thanks to Team News of St. John!

team news of st john

And another HUGE thanks to everyone who generously supported Team News of St. John!!

  • Papa and Mama News of St. John
  • Kathy Nichols
  • Marianne Pollaci
  • Denise H Bills
  • Dawn Foster
  • Nicole R Benson
  • Callie and Andrew Turner
  • Keith and Stephanie Rhodes
  • Island Screech Studios
  • Capt. John & Island Sue
  • Bay Rum Breeze Villa
  • Leslie McKibben
  • Fetsje Goettsch
  • Judith M Hanley
  • Karen Sansone
  • Seagrass Cottage Crew
  • Karen Barnes
  • Kimberly Checket
  • Todd, ADI
  • Mary Mongillo
  • Michelle Tyminski
  • Carrie McKinney
  • John Alemanni
  • The Waggisly Mr. Woody
  • Anita Giesick
  • The Catenas
  • CBV Homes
  • Villa Fun & Contentment
  • karen phillips
  • Steve@Villa Fish
  • Mary Bartolucci, Island Style Weddings
  • Dale Houghtlen

We Heart the ACC

Imposed Flat @ Impose ( STJO_Cards_Flood_AF.pdf, page 2 @ Prefli

One of the game cards from St. Johnopoly

We absolutely love the folks over at the Animal Care Center. They do an amazing job taking care of the island’s cats and dogs. We wanted to support the ACC in a big way which is why we chose them as one of the four charities that will receive a portion of the proceeds from our St. Johnopoly game. (You can preorder yours at

But we have some more great news … we’re not the only ones who are showing the love to the ACC. Joshua Vernon of Massachusetts is putting together a fundraising event for people living in and around the Boston area, and all proceeds will benefit the ACC. How wonderful is that?!

The event is scheduled for Sunday, August 24 at Donohue’s Bar & Grill in Watertown, Massachusetts. The event will feature a silent raffle, again with all proceeds directly supporting the ACC. They have a ton of great items so far including two-night stays at both the Westin and the St. John Inn, a weekend stay with breakfast and dinner at the Salem Waterfront Hotel in Massachusetts, a half day snorkel charter with Captain Jimbo, and a ton of gift certificates and gift baskets.

Here is a list of all of the items available as of July 25: ACC Massachusetts Fundraiser Items

You can bid on any of these items by emailing Joshua Vernon directly at You can also follow the event on its Facebook page at

The ACC is also in need of a few very important items. For starters, they really need a truck to transport the animals to and from vet appointments. So if there is a generous donor out there, it would be greatly appreciated.

The ACC is also in need of harnesses for the dogs (pictured below) and large dog treats or rawhide bones. These bones entertain the dogs throughout the day while they are in the kennel.

harness 1

harness 2

Please send all donations to:

Animal Care Center
5000 Estate Enighed PMB 571
St. John, VI 00830

Thanks everyone!


Charter Wrap Up – Soggy Dollar


White Bay, Jost van Dyke

For those of you who follow News of St. John regularly, you know that we recently took a little cruise around the British Virgin Islands for a week. Well we never got around to posting a wrap up report, so here it is. :)

To recap, we hopped aboard the Guiding Light July 5 and spent the following six days on board. As we mentioned during previous posts, we visited Norman Island, Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda and Little Jost van Dyke.

(Click here to read about Charter Day One – Norman Island and the Willy T.)

(Click here to read about Charter Days Two and Three – Cooper Island, the Baths and more from Virgin Gorda.)

(Click here to read about Charter Day Four – Little Jost van Dyke and the new B Line Bar.)

So there’s a reason we never got around to writing our trip wrap up. That reason’s called the Soggy Dollar Bar.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Soggy Dollar Bar (and I’m sure this is a very small percentage of you), it’s a very fun bar located over in White Bay on Jost van Dyke. The reason it’s called the Soggy is pretty simple and straightforward. There aren’t any docks in White Bay, so you essentially have to anchor in swim in, hence the soggy dollars.


Well we spent our entire fifth day, the final full day of our trip, at the Soggy Dollar. It pretty much consisted of playing in the water, having drinks, playing the the water some more, some more drinks, dodging some rain by sitting in the water … well, I think you get the gist of what happens over at the Soggy Dollar.

We have pictures, but we thought it’d be best not to share them to protect the innocent ;)

We did have a celebrity sighting while we were over there though – St. John’s very own celebrity extraordinaire, Captain John Brandi of Palm Tree Charters. (In case you missed it, we posted a video Thursday of the Soggy Dollar in which Captain Brandi made a cameo appearance. Click here to check that out.)

After playing in the water all day and hanging out with one of our favorite boat captains, it was time to swim back to the boat. We had yet another delicious dinner prepared for us by Captain Shane before hitting the hay. We woke up pretty early the next morning and sailed back to St. John.

sunset soggy

I have to say, our trip was pretty incredible. It was easily a 10 out of 10, and I have Captain Shane and Leila, his first mate, to thank for that. They were spectacular – super nice, super accommodating, super fun and great cooks.

shane leila

I highly recommend chartering on the Guiding Light. If you like to learn more, check out their website at Happy sailing!