Waterfront Bar Lists For Sale

island blues pic

We’ve got another piece of news out of Coral Bay this week … one of its popular watering holes just listed for sale.

Island Blues hit the MLS this week, and for $99,999, it could be yours.

According to its listing, Island Blues is looking for a cash buyer. The listing states that the restaurant has 22 seats at the bar and 40 table seats. It also mentions that there is room on the property for expansion, and that the monthly rent is $4,500. The listing states that there are lease terms through October 2016.

island blues view

View of Coral Bay from Island Blues

Want to know more about businesses for sale on island? Here is a list of several real estate agencies on the island:

Coral Bay Harbor to Get Cleaned Up

coral bay harbor

Well this is definitely some great news … the Coral Bay Community Council just received $90,000 which will be used to remove old boats and other marine debris along the shores of Coral Bay harbors, in the mangroves and in the boat mooring areas. The Council is also offering in-kind services and funds, bringing the project total up to nearly $140,000.

“For decades, on an on-going basis, cleanup, removal and disposal of marine debris, and rescue of grounded vessels (two sailboats were rescued after T.S. Bertha recently), have been accomplished by boaters, the Coral Bay Yacht Club members, the Coral Bay Community Council and other community volunteers. The moorings maintainer, charter boat captains, marine services store, and shoreline restaurants all participate. However these volunteers have been frustrated by the lack of funding to remove the grounded and sunken wrecks that leave visitors with the erroneous conclusion that Coral Bay’s boaters don’t care environmentally…,” said Sharon Coldren, President of the Coral Bay Community Council. “This federal NOAA grant funding for derelict vessel removal will raise the morale of all who continuously work to keep the bay clean.”

According to the Council, the project’s main task is to remove abandoned and derelict vessels from the harbor.  Currently there are about a dozen grounded boats, which can pose a threat to the environment. This project, upon completion, will allow seagrass to regrow and mangroves to put down new roots, returning the area to more pristine conditions.

Moving forward, to reduce future locally-generated marine debris, the Council plans to start a marine debris reduction and reporting program. The program will include all kinds of debris– from litter thrown into ghuts and along roads to awareness of incidental oil/fuel spills by boats and outboard engines, and reducing the number of abandoned floating boats.

Such great news and great work to everyone involved!

Speaking of Coral Bay … tonight’s the meeting on the proposed marina. It’s happening at 4:30 p.m. at the Legislature Building. And from what we heard, it sounds like it’s going to be a packed one. We’ll keep you all posted.

New TV Show Features Some Familiar Spots

below deck yacht

The yacht featured on the new TV show – Below Deck.

If you’re like me, you soak up anything and everything related to the Virgin Islands, whether it be the US or British. Well today we’d like to tell you about a new TV show that features several familiar spots – Below Deck.

Below Deck is an hour-long show on the Bravo channel that follows the lives of a group of people working on a megayacht in the Caribbean. It’s pretty interesting in that it really allows you to take a peek into what it’s like to work on these megayachts, as well as the lives of those who have the means to charter these extraordinary boats. (Yes, it’s a reality show so it’s probably partially scripted, but it still gives you an idea…) In all honesty, I’m completely hooked.

below-deck-logoSeason One was filmed in St. Maarten and aired last summer. Season Two premiered last Tuesday and was filmed entirely in the British Virgin Islands. How exciting is that?!

Ok, you may be asking why this is so exciting to me … Well, as I mentioned, I love anything and everything having to do with the Virgin Islands. What I find particularly cool about this show is that they filmed in a ton of locations that we all know and love. Episode one, for example, showed clips from the Soggy Dollar Bar over on Jost van Dyke. I kept looking for one of our favorite boat captains (who might as well call the Soggy his second home – sorry Island Sue!) to show up but no such luck.

I did, however, see Southern Hospitality in the background during the first episode which was pretty cool. Southern Hospitality is a gorgeous 46-foot charter boat based out of St. John. (It also happens to be owned by the same man I recently bought my Jeep from – thanks Bruce!)

The trailer for this season shows more familiar spots like the Baths on Virgin Gorda, xxx and more. Below Deck airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on the Bravo channel. Check it out and let us know if you spot anyone you know.