Residents to Be Featured on HGTV Tonight

coral bay overlook

Hey folks, you all should tune into HGTV tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST because chef Shaun Brian of Ocean 362 and his wife Ally are going to be featured on Tiny Houses, Big Living. The episode is titled “Young Couple Builds Dream Tiny Island Home.” Here’s what HGTV had to say about the episode:

Shaun and Ally’s busy work schedules are perfectly suited for the low maintenance lifestyle of tiny living. Their family and their Virgin Island community step up to help the young couple complete their dream home perfectly situated on a hillside overlooking Coral Bay. In order to enjoy the island scenery and tropical ocean breezes, Shaun and Ally incorporate a wrap-around porch and open living room walls. At 350-square-feet with no height restrictions, Shaun Brian and Ally can have a spacious master bedroom loft, a fancy gourmet kitchen, an outdoor shower under the stars and a deck with spectacular views.

The episode airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST and again tomorrow at 12:30 a.m. EST. Be sure to watch!

shaun brian house

Shaun Brian in his tiny house that will be featured tonight.

Only One Barge Running…

captain vic

Just a heads up folks, the Captain Vic is the only barge running today. The Island Vic is having problems and is not running. The General II is also not running due to a ramp issue, according to a pseudo news site. And the Mister B. has been sitting at Enighed Pond since it was seized by federal marshals back in January.

This isn’t good. Garbage is piling up, fuel cannot get to the island and construction is at a standstill, as heavy trucks are not able to travel between Cruz Bay and Red Hook on our only running barge.

So what’s the latest on the Mister B? Well the Plaintiff in the case, Revere High Yield Fund, has requested that a hearing be held regarding its sale on or before August 12. They maintain that Boyson has yet to file any motions asking to “vacate the arrest” of the vessel, so therefore it should go up for sale. A new issue has arisen, however, which has to do with the defendant’s representation and their relationships with one another and the companies involved. It’s a lot of legal speak, but if you’ve got some time on your hands, here are a few court documents that may interest you:

Bar Wars Happening This Sunday

For those of you lucky enough to be on island this weekend, there’s a fun event happening at The Beach Bar – Bar Wars.

Bar Wars is a zany charity event that happens each summer and features a lot of familiar faces. The event tests the bartending and waitressing skills of participants who happen to work at a variety of our favorite eating and drinking establishments both here on island and over on St. Thomas. Each team has to work together to create, serve and drink beverages, all while completing a funky obstacle course. Sounds like fun, right? Well it gets even better.

The course doesn’t just occur on land; it also extends out into Cruz Bay. In the past, teams have had to do some funny stuff like hula hoop, swim, kick and more, all without spilling a drink. The team with the best time and the least amount of penalties wins.

The best part of the competition is that all of the proceeds from the event – it costs $100 per team to enter – will be donated to the Family Resource Center, which helps victims of crime in St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island.

Drink is the Bar Wars’ reigning champion. Let’s see if they can do it again this year…

Spectators are encouraged to attend. We certainly will be there, and we hope you all will be too. So again, if you are lucky enough to be on the island this weekend, stop by The Beach Bar on Sunday and cheer on your favorite team. The event starts at 12:30 p.m.

New Marina Proposal for Cruz Bay??

cruz bay overlook

Wow, now this is something we didn’t see coming. Apparently there are plans for a new marina in Cruz Bay. I have to be honest, I’m on a little vacay in the BVIs now, so I don’t know much. The following info was sent to us from Active St. John that details it all. Apparently it was sent via email to all owners at Grande Bay. Please note: This is NOT a Grande Bay-driven proposal. They simply were made aware of the proposal. Here are the details…

  1. A boardwalk will extend from some point between Gallows and the beginning of the graveyard and extend to in front of DRINK. Access would be from the lower garage entrance in Grande Bay across the road and past the wall. The existing palm trees will remain.
  2. The wires from Gallows to the Beach Bar would be placed in a conduit under the Boardwalk.
  3. A marina for Cruz Bay is planned. Currently there are approx. 40 boats on moorings in the bay (approx. 17 of which are being lived in) and the plan is for a marina to handle approx. 100 boat slips for boats up to 60′. There will be no refueling as it will remain over by the National Park dock. Water, sewer and electric are already available in the area. There are plans for a restaurant in the marina but only one story in height. There will be no loss of sight by owners of the 1st floor of the lower building. The ferry access will be the same as well as the access to the National Park building, the international ferry dock and customs will remain as they are.
  4. Included in the plans is to add a wall for the cemetery on the right side of the road going towards Gallows. In addition, a small covered area for services performed at the cemetery will be added.
  5. This process has a ways to go in terms of receiving the OK from the Virgin Island Senate, the Army Corps of Engineers and DPNR. It was stated that there will be a website containing renderings and drawing of the plans as things develop. There will certainly be public hearings and opportunities to provide input/objections about the proposed plans. Obtaining the permits will likely be the biggest challenge. Cleaning up the beach area in front of Grande Bay has always been an issue with current boat owners having to get from their boats to the shore and tying up to the palm trees or just leaving their kayaks, paddle boards and small dinghies anywhere they choose.

All I can say is wow. We will do some digging and will keep you all posted.

Another Price Reduction: Beautiful Sunsets Overlooking Pillsbury Sound


These owners are looking to sell!! Who wants to move to St. John? If that sounds like you, this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Please read on…

Enjoy sunsets and beautiful views of Pillsbury Sound, the surrounding cays and St. Thomas from this a successful short term rental. Island Living is a three bedroom, three bath home plus loft located just five minutes from Cruz Bay.

At the center of Island Living is its great room, which includes the kitchen, dining bar and living room spaces. Two bedrooms, which mirror one another, are located at each side of Island Living’s great room. A large, covered deck can be accessed from these areas, providing a great view throughout.

living room kitchen kitchen 2


In addition to the two bedrooms and loft upstairs, Island Living also has a lower level, one bedroom, one bath apartment with outside deck. This is currently being used as a long-term rental. The property surrounding the home contains a lovely pebbled pathway that winds gracefully through its native gardens. Island Living is being sold as is/where is.


overview map

Island Living is now being offered for $575,000. For more information, please contact Tammy Donnelly at 340 Real Estate Co. at

Voyages Building Finally Sells

voyages building

Now here’s some great news coming out of Coral Bay… The old Voyages building which has sat vacant for years has finally sold. And it’s getting a nice little makeover from what we can see.

From what we hear, Paul Sabers purchased the building for $1.3 million on June 22nd. (Sorry for the delay in relaying the news … we’ve been taking some time off the past few weeks.) If Paul’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he is one of the former owners of Wharfside Village. And if you’re unfamiliar with the Voyages building, it’s located in Coral Bay across from Island Blues and just before Aqua Bistro.

According to the Coconut Telegraph, Paul is upgrading the building a bit. Plans call for a restaurant, retail space and some housing on the second floor. We will keep you all posted when we learn more.

In the meantime, we’re simply happy that there will be one less vacant building on our beautiful island. :)

voyages view