Zozo’s Ristorante is On the Move

Photo courtesy of Zozos.net

One of St. John’s most popular fine dining spots will have a new home later this year.

ZoZo’s Ristorante announced Friday that it is leaving its current location at Gallows Point Resort after 13 years. ZoZo’s isn’t going too far, however, as it plans to move just down the road over at Caneel Bay.

ZoZo’s will move into the space currently occupied by the Sugar Mill restaurant. The old 18th century sugar mill will undergo renovations this summer led by ZoZo’s owner John Ferrigno. ZoZo’s will open in its new location on November 1 after Caneel’s annual seasonal closure.

We’re curious – Now that ZoZo’s is leaving Gallows, what would you like to see go into its old spot? 

19 thoughts on “Zozo’s Ristorante is On the Move”

    • VERY disappointing. For years, we have enjoyed ZoZo’s and Ellington’s (before that) in the Gallows Point location. Great views and atmosphere!. The location is so convenient – within walking distance of any place we have stayed on St. John. Caneel will not be that convenient. I too wonder how receptive the Caneel staff will be. Hope it all works out to be a successful arrangement.

  1. Don’t forget – – this will be ZoZo’s third move. When I first started coming down it was located in what is now Fatty Crab!

  2. Can’t say I’m happy they are moving, but at least they aren’t going away. The food is great and if you got the right table, the view is great. Can’t say I ever had a good meal at the sugar mill, it was way overpriced for what it was.

    I’d like to see something similar to sweet plantains move into the old spot.

  3. I always thought the Sugar Mill would be a great place if it had a bar. The sunset is amazing from there as well. I wonder if they will have enough parking??? I assume you will have to pay $20 to park and then they will comp you. I just hope the staff is friendlier than those that work at Caneel. Nothing like an unfriendly bartender to ruin the night. We will definitly try it next year if we make it back to St John.

  4. Good luck John from Maura Curley and I at Virgin Voice …we remember those humble beginnings across from the baseball park 🙂

    As far as a replacement? No more Italian food.

    Given that Gallows has one of the best sunsets, and free parking, a continuation of the upstairs cocktail bar with healthy lighter food service is paramount to not only Gallows on season guests, but off season locals that get an operation through the off season….

    As far as dining downstairs in main area….it is time to get a healthy menu that includes more vegetarian and other creative lighter fare food locally sourced from all the islands….This includes menues for Gallows wedding packages offered…

    As far as the condo association jacking up lease rates—well–the “marketing committee” at the Gallows association needs to understand that the “per plate cost” of serving a meal must allow for profit.

    NO restaurant in its right mind or wants to stay in business will lease a spot that simply is not profitable, especially during the “shoulder season” of summer when more cash goes out than comes in…unless that restaurant is simply in business to generate a tax loss against other income…

    The marketing committee may have killed the goose that laid the golden egg….because Zozo’s simply cannot be replaced.

  5. Good luck with the new digs John. I’m sure you will do just fine. C U in January where ever you are. As far as what should go into the old place at Gallow’s??? Nothing for a while. Let Gallow’s understand the error of there ways. If in fact they did go up a lot on the lease.

  6. Bummer, staying at Gallows will not be the same. Gallows made a big mistake in letting them go, they will regret that.

  7. We too have followed Zozo’s from their location across from the ball field (now The Fatty Crab), and guess we’ll be dining at Caneel Bay at least once a year now. Sorry to hear the move was precipitated by a rent increase. But observing the turnaround in Cruz Bay, something wonderful will take over the space–ideal location for dining at the bar and watching the sunset… Wasn’t it Ellington’s before?? Hemingway’s?? (Or am I confusing this with a K Chesney song?)

  8. That is sad news for us that have a place at Grande Bay. Just a small jaunt uphill and you were at the best restaurant onSt John. View,food and staff were all outstanding. Oh well.I guess the upside is that we will save about 200.00 this October. Hello Rhumb Lines.

  9. Soooooooooo disappointing. As Michelle H. said, it was so convenient to walk to from everywhere we’ve stayed. That won’t be the case now. I hope that doesn’t affect their business. A lot of people I know are not fans of Caneel Bay and like to be in town.

  10. will look foward to zozos new location but will miss sunset view at gallows point see you in april the curtins

  11. As an annual visitor to both Caneel Bay and Zozos, I’m thrilled to hear about the move. The Gallow’s Point space is really nice, but the views from the Sugar Mill are comparable and now I can walk (or stumble, as the case may be) back to my room after dinner. Also good to know that Caneel has come to the (totally accurate) realization that fine dining is not what they do.

  12. Well this will be the first time in 9 years our family won’t be celebrating New Years with ZoZo’s, we wish them all the best in their new location. I just hope the Caneel Bay is warmer and friendlier to John’s clientele then they are to most people. We look forward to seeing you again in 2014! Good Luck……..

  13. Gallow’s Point loss and Caneel Bays reward. Been to all of John’s places on St. John. Where ever he goes he will be a giant success. His staff is extremely friendly. His chief Michael, is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating.
    John is an exceptional owner and caters to his cliental.He knows his stuff and gets it. Nothing is to small or Big for Zozo’s to handle.I will be in St. John in 2 weeks and can’t wait to dine in the new ZOZO’S. The bar looks spectacular. The view is incredible and I am sure the food will be the high light of the night. Good luck John, you will hit another HOME RUN.

  14. So happy ZoZo’s is staying on St. John!! The BEST food!!!! Sorry, they are leaving Gallows. The convienence was heavenly!!! See you in April.

  15. So….. Just had ice water spilled on one of the members of our party…. Do you think we got any kind of a discount or a desert on the house? No such luck! Where did we think we were? At the upscale restaurant? Nah…. This joint doesn’t expect repeat customers, kids! So no repeat visits for us! Get lost Zozos!

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