Locally Inspired & Sourced Foods Coming to Island

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Residents and tourists will have the opportunity to dine on locally inspired and sourced foods this fall when the owners of Sun Dog Cafe launch their newest venture – Virgin Fire Bar & Grill.

The region has a very broad culinary tradition, with influences whose roots are African, Amerindian, British, Dutch, French, Indian and Spanish. Virgin Fire’s menu will reflect the vibrant tastes of those spices, according to owner Michael Barry, who purchased the restaurant with his wife Barbie.

Virgin Fire Bar & Grill will open this October at the La Plancha site in Mongoose Junction. La Plancha will remain open through next Thursday, giving Michael and Barbie Barry the opportunity to do a little hands-on work in La Plancha’s kitchen before closing the restaurant to undergo renovations.

The Barrys plan to create a great new menu while minimizing the environmental impact.

“A growing number of restaurants are understanding that transportation costs related to food are adding to a carbon footprint that we all should be aware of. Local organic farmers are learning how to produce and market to meet the demand,” according to Michael. “There are economy of scale issues, which make local more expensive, and at the same time the idea that our guests want value for the dining dollar – Virgin Fire will reflect these values.

“We know the food will be inventive and unique, and the service attentive. At the same time, we will all be doing our best to keep the experience unpretentious, accessible and affordable.”

And for those of you questioning Sun Dog’s future, there’s no need to worry.

“Sun Dog is great and bursting at the seams,” according to Michael. “We won’t change a thing there, but the new space allows us to do a better job in Sun Dog because we’ve added a much larger kitchen, which supports our cramped, but cute little kitchen.”

I’m not sure about you, but we here at News of St. John are pretty excited to try this one out.

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    • Jason, and Jonathan will be concentrating on Zero Sushi, in marketplace. I’m sure they will rock the house there.

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