You Are So Beautiful By Steve Simonsen

I was able to spend some time with Steve Simonsen last night, and we were chatting about some of the projects he’s been working on. And he mentioned this video he just made. It’s set to Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” and this video is just that – beautiful.

Please watch it with sound if you can. And you may want to grab a tissue.


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Steve Simonsen is a hero in my eyes. Thank you for capturing the beauty of St. John over the years.

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  1. Great video. My wife and I cannot wait to come back and hopefully be able to help in some way. It is absolutely heartbreaking when we see some of the places we love so much standing in ruin now thanks to Irma and Maria. Jenn, I really do not think you understand how much these videos and updates mean to all of us who travel to the island on a regular basis. You are doing an outstanding job of communicating the status of the island to all of us who wish we could be there to help. Even though a lot of us have never met you, we love you and what you’re doing. Keep up the great work and always be safe. Much love for Love City.

  2. Very moving. Thanks for sharing.
    Earlier in the week there was some commentary in the news about possible power restoration in Cruz Bay by today. Any update on that? Just curious.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful video! My husband and I have plans to visit next February and are hoping we will be able to do so. We’ve not been to your island but are so looking forward to experiencing the beauty in person. So heartbreaking to see the destruction.

  4. Stunning video Steve. It made me so sad. But…she will recover and we will be back, to our favorite place in the world!!

  5. We were suppose to leave tomorrow for our annual 3 weeks on St John. Coincidently, Steve’s
    2018 St John calendar arrived today which really lifted my spirits looking at his beautiful photographs pre Irma. It is so encouraging to follow Jenn’s “News” and see how far the island has come in just a few weeks. I am so encouraged that the island is well on its way to recovery! See you in 2018!

  6. St. John is such a treasure and such an amazing community. Seeing your video, as heartbreakingly beautiful as it is, shows the resilience & strength of the people of St. John. Thank you!
    Susan McMurray

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