A GoPro Video from Coral Bay to Salt Pond

Hello everyone and happy Thursday. We filmed the following video on October 8, 2017, just over one month after Hurricane Irma struck St. John. I apologize that we were not able to upload it sooner.

(Two disclaimers: 1. I sped the video up a tad for time/length purposes. 2. The poles that look bent in some places are due to the GoPro lens.)

13 thoughts on “A GoPro Video from Coral Bay to Salt Pond”

  1. Three things struck me as I watched this video:(1)for as many times as I’ve made this drive,I didn’t realize just how many houses and roads there are.Stripped of it’s trees,a new island is revealed (2)destruction was much worse in Coral Bay,which you don’t really understand until you see it (3)as much as the entire island needs help,more resources need to go over to Coral Bay.

  2. I agree with you Beth… Having made that drive many times, watching this video I am surprised by the homes and roads that are now exposed. And more importantly, I am very sad over the amount of damage that is visible. Coral Bay will need help for a long time to come close to what it was prior to the storm. I also now think that the VI Governor’s estimate for power for the island by Christmas is very aggressive.

    Thank you Jenn for sharing. No need to apologize. You are doing a great job keep us informed under what we can only imagine are terrible conditions.

  3. Hi Jenn. Thank you for posting. Please considering doing a video from Cruz Bay past Star Fish, Westin, Chocolate Hole and on out to Fish or Reef Bay as far as you can go. Thank you

    • Thank you, Jenn for posting this. It is so important that we see these if we have not been able to get to St. John since the hurricanes. I was supposed to be there at our home in Fish Bay (from Oct 25-Nov 9), but had to cancel when we lost it to Irma. We are hoping to get back soon to start cleaning up the debris. It is so sad to see the destruction, but it is good to see the green coming back (in the later videos). It is also good to see the the spirit and love of the people of St. John rise above the wrath of Irma and Marie.
      St. Jonn Strong! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you Jenn even though you made me cry. These are my “stompin grounds”. I stopped the video many times to look at the old familiar places that don’t look familiar any more.

  5. Thank you so much for posting your videos. Makes me very sad to see all of the damage. Praying for all on St. John.


  6. I’m on Twitter as nj metrobites and saw your tweet. We honeymooned on st Thomas and st john at end of July and it wad idyllic. My husband had never been. My family used to vacation at Maho Bay campground and cinnamon bay in the 1980s. Hurricane Irene and the Sandy storm damage repairs are still ongoing. I went 4 days without power and our basement flooded destroying furnishings and mementos. That clean up took us months and exhausted us. And it was so trivial compared to the damage from Irma and Maria. I’m outraged at the lack of media coverage for the recovery efforts needed by the Virgin Islands. Keep posting and tweeting videos. Maybe the world will pay attention.

  7. Thank you for sharing Jen… My heart is heavy for the loss, but hopeful for the future. I will definitely be back to recapture the memories your beautiful island has given me. Until then I will hold them as treasures in my heart.

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