What to Do on a Rainy St. John Day

rainy day oct 13 2018
It’s pretty wet at casa de News of St. John today.

Well folks, it’s raining. And it’s raining hard. It poured most of the day yesterday, and it looks like the rain will continue for quite some time. So we decided to re-share the following video. It’s an oldie, but goodie with lots of familiar faces. The late, great Captain John Brandi created this for us back in September 2013. Enjoy. 🙂

For those of you who are here on vacation, today is a great day to try one of our great restaurants or perhaps do some shopping around the island. And if you are the super adventurous type, there should be a pretty amazing waterfall near the petroglyphs at the bottom of Reef Bay.

Also, please be careful when driving. The area in front of Starfish and the area near the gravel lot and tennis courts in Cruz Bay are prone to flooding. And if you are driving today, be extra cautious on our steep hills and don’t forget to pop your Jeep into four wheel drive.

3 thoughts on “What to Do on a Rainy St. John Day”

  1. If your villa has a descent kitchen, rainy days are always great for cooking something up. I usually bring herbs/spices down for 1 or 2 meals like a Roti or coconut curry soup. Put on some tunes, open a bottle, and get cooking!

  2. GREEN TEA (sounds better than “a Hine’y’?????” We’ll be there, fresh off the ferry.. Hope on the 4 ferry.. .. .

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