Whale Watching!

Whale Watching!

Good Morning, Good Morning!  The boaters and visitors down here have been having an absolute whale of a time on the water recently!  And, per his usual awesomeness, Steve Simonsen has been doing a stellar job of documenting our annual aquatic visitors.  So, I wanted to take a few minutes today to share some of this ridiculously awesome aerial footage of a momma and her calf, playing in the waters surrounding St. John.

Whale Watching! 1

To answer your question, no, I still have not seen the whales around St. John.  Teddy actually caught site of them from the ferry between Red Hook and Cruz Bay a few weeks ago and Dulce and I caught a momentary glimpse of them breaching on our way to St. Croix.  But, my moment of joy in seeing them in our home waters has yet to come.  So, if you are visiting during the winter months and do not see these beautiful beasts on your boat day.  Trust that you are not alone.  Our time will come 🙂

However, local photographer, Steve Simonsen, is at the top of everyone’s call list if there is a whale sighting.  He hops in his boat, Jackson, and heads out in search of the whales in order to photograph them.  And, recently, he has been posting some aerial video footage that makes my heart skip a beat!

Whale Watching! 2

I wasn’t able to embed these particular videos.  But, please take a look at the links below for a few moments of joy today.

Cow & Calf Humpback February 26th, 2022 on Vimeo

Humpback Whale aerials-HD 1080p.mov on Vimeo

All photos and videos in this post are property of Steve Simonsen Photography.  Thank you, Steve and Janet, for always being so gracious with sharing these magnificent moments from St. John!

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