The Inn at Tamarind Court Restaurant is OPEN!

The Inn at Tamarind Court Restaurant is OPEN!

The Inn at Tamarind Court was a local gem of a place with several affordable guest rooms for let and a fantastic bar and restaurant where breakfast was served daily.  Pop-up nights with local “celebrity” chefs and themed cuisine kept the place packed for dinner several nights a week and the bar was always filled with local wildlife during happy hour.  Hurricane Irma ravaged the budget friendly inn with a spectacular Cruz Bay location in September of 2017.  And, after two years of clean up and construction, the Inn at Tamarind Court announced in January of 2020 that their guest rooms were once again ready for seasoned St. John travelers.  But, the favorite watering hole and eatery remained closed.  Until now….

Now, I don’t know a ton about the menu yet as they have been busy getting their doors open.  But, what I do know is that as of yesterday, the bar and restaurant are once again open for breakfast dinner and happy hour!  A fresh and modern menu constructed and served by St. John Chef Brandon Boyd is available for dinner Tuesday-Saturday evenings from 6PM-8PM.

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The famous Tamarind Inn breakfast is currently available Monday-Saturday from 7AM-11AM and on Sundays from 7AM-Noon.  Happy Hour is once again resurrected Tuesday through Saturday from 3PM-6PM as well!  I personally cannot wait until I have a free evening to go sit in that beautiful space once again.   But, the question raging the community right now is, “When will Michael Bowman’s famous Italian Night start back up again?”  (If  you know, you know)

If you are on island soon and are looking for an eclectic dining experience, a Love City famous classic breakfast or just a casual drink at a local watering hole, stop by the Inn at Tamarind Court.  And wish the team there a massive congratulations!  It has been a long road and I’m so happy to see their years of hard work paying off 🙂

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8 thoughts on “The Inn at Tamarind Court Restaurant is OPEN!”

  1. Affordable, warm & cozy place. Courtyard is simple, but comfortable and welcoming. Good place to soak up the Island vibe while having a drink and relaxing. Perfect location!

  2. Good Morning..Some of. your information is in correct about the Tamarind..If you are going to cover a story it may be a good idea to actually stop in and ask the manager..Although we are happy that many people are excited about the reopening we also want accurate information..Thank you

  3. That’s awesome! Every time my wife and I had gone past in the last two years we were bummed to see it was still closed.

    Looking forward to checking it out when we’re on Island in May.

    We were there for Chef Bowman’s prime rib the first time we were ever on Island and I still remember that amazing dinner.

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