Tropical Wave to Arrive Tomorrow

tuesday weather picHappy Tuesday everyone! We just wanted to let you all know that a tropical wave is expected to arrive in the Territory tomorrow. This means that we are forecasted to get a decent amount of rain and some wind along with the storm. Heavy rains will begin in the morning and will strengthen throughout the day. The rains are supposed to linger through Friday.

So, looking to keep an eye on the weather? Check out a few of our favorite, trusted sites. (We initially printed these screenshots back in May and, honestly, were too lazy to grab new ones this morning because we traveled for 17 hours yesterday … sorry folks.)


Wunderground is my favorite weather app, and it was the most trusted weather app of my BFF, the late Captain John Brandi. It gives very accurate radar, tells you about the time rain is expected and gives a good summary of the week’s weather. Check out a few screenshots.

Zoom in for More Detailed Radar Pics
Weekly Forecast
Hourly Forecast

There are two other sites we regularly check out, and both are on Facebook. The first is St. John Weather. This site is maintained by Dan Boyd, and it includes an extremely detailed weather and marine forecast. Click here to check it out. 



The second Facebook page I watch is the US Virgin islands Tropical Hurricane Weather Station page. Click here to check that out. This is a good page, especially when we’re having some tropical weather … which is now.

(This is not the current forecast…)

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  1. Thank you for the information! I have been keeping a close eye on this and the other 2 developing systems because we are due to arrive on Saturday. Hope everyone fares well!!!

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