St. John Gets an Unusual Visitor Over the Weekend

flamingo vi national park
Image credit: Anna Finney via VI National Park’s Facebook page

So, St. John had a super cool visitor over the weekend … a flamingo! How cool is that??!!

So I flew up to Connecticut for the weekend and was stunned when I logged onto the computer Saturday morning … there were flamingo pics everywhere! How did I miss this??!! From what I have been told, this fella showed up around Denis Bay sometime late last week and spent the day Sunday over at Trunk Bay. My near and dear friend, Ms. Island Sue saw the flamingo for herself Sunday and it looked very cool. We reached out to our friends over at the Virgin Islands Audubon Society and this is what they had to say about the flamingo’s visit:

“Although it is uncommon to have flamingoes visit St John it is not unprecedented,” said Mary Maroney, the Vice President of the VI Audubon Society. “Many years ago we had a visiting flamingo stay at Francis Bay Pond for months. There have been sightings on the south east side of the island several times, the groups of birds stay for a day or two. Other birdwatchers have photographed passing flocks of less than a dozen birds. (Michaeline Moloney who works for Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island with his flamingo flock) has told VIAS that she thinks a lone flamingo may set off because the individual did not mate that year and may be out scouting.”

Pretty neat stuff, right? According to Mary, flamingos live on Necker Island, Anegada and Guana Island.

We’re flying home today and will definitely post some pictures if we are fortunate enough to spot the flamingo ourselves. And as it goes with all of our wildlife, please love them from afar. 🙂 Have a great week everyone!

Image credit: St. John's Off the Beaten Track App
Image credit: St. John’s Off the Beaten Track App

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  1. Wow!!! Hope it hangs out in FranCisvBay Pond til a least mid Anuary when I return . We overlooked k that Pond the n the Winter!!!

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