On Vacation…

New News of St John Bottle Koozie

Hello friends! We’re going to take the next few days off because we’re heading to America!

Boston friends, look for a girl with a News of St. John koozie in hand because I’m headed your way! And my goodness, I am beyond excited to get some Dunkin Donuts up there!

We will do our best to keep you posted on our travels… In the meantime, have a fantastic week everyone and miss us terribly!

7 thoughts on “On Vacation…”

  1. So jealous. Can’t imagine your last day of vacation and saying, oh crap gotta go back home. And your home is St John! SMH.

  2. Come to Wellfleet and the Beachcomber voted the #1 sexist’s beach bar on the planet by the travel channel besides we have the best beaches [Bay,Ocean and Pond] on the Cape .

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