Top restaurant goes online for kitchen help

"ZoZo’s Ristorante – a well established, successful, Northern Italian Restaurant, operating for over 10 years, is now accepting resumes for Executive Chef and Sous Chef," says a classified ad on the Caribbean section of CraigsList.org.

The Inquiring Iguanas will be eating there Wednesday night, so we’re sure hoping this ad is just to build a resume file,  just in  case.  The owner of another popular restaurant said she’s always interested in chefs looking for work, but her staff is solid and has been on board a long time. If you’re a good cook, and would like me to pass along your resume, e-mail [email protected].

Even if you’re not a good cook, let me recommend this food-focused tome for
some great island reading: Anthony Bourdain’s "Nasty Bits."
Great fun, and it will give you a sense of how darned hard it is in the

Craigslist’s Caribbean section has several ads of local interest:

Interesting to browse on a cold evening up north.

1 thought on “Top restaurant goes online for kitchen help”

  1. A reader wrote saying …
    I subscribe to your News of St. John publication and was interested to hear that ZoZo’s was looking for a new Executive Chef, etc. Have you dined there recently, and if so, what was your impression? I hate to lose a long-time favorite dining spot.
    My response …
    Matter of fact, we did … Last Saturday night. FANtastic!
    Another fan of News of St John happened to be there, too, and stopped me to talk. She had a great meal too, she said. Mrs. Inquiring Iguana had a tuna thing, I had the night’s special, Shark.
    Great service, great food.

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