Kayaking with dolphins

Years ago, we swam with sea turtles off Caneel Bay’s main beach.  Tuesday, we went kayaking with dolphins off the beach at the St. John Westin

The mammals were swimming, surfacing, and diving as close as 10-feet away from us, and just outside hotel beach’s the swim area buoys.

I’d brought my camera on the kayak trip, perhaps foolishly.  But we were "exploring the neighborhood," since our villa, Blue Tang overlooks Great Cruz.  When Mrs. Inquiring Iguana, Donna, spied the dolphins, I was happy I had the camera. I managed to get several segments showing them.

In previous years, locals have identified one dolphin who visited the island’s waters and named it "Splash." They were delighted when it returned one year with what was believed to be a child, which was named "Squirt."  There’s no way to know if they are the dolphins we watched at Great Cruz, of course.

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