The Latest Volunteer Opportunities

July 2018
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Hello all! We’ve been getting several requests lately about current volunteer opportunities. Here is a comprehensive list courtesy of the St. John Community Foundation.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the organization via email or Facebook first, if possible. (In some cases, the only contact we have is a telephone number so please call for to learn more about those opportunities.) There are lots of you out there who would like to help, which is amazing and a HUGE thank you for that, but we do not want to clog up their phone lines. 🙂

1. Bethany Moravian Church: 340-690-1735
Help clean up the church hall. Painting may be involved.

2. St. John Roll Call
Email: [email protected]
Help account for the safety of those on island after a disaster!

3. All Hands and Hearts
Email: [email protected]
Affiliate with the volunteer group for debris clearing and construction projects.

4. Emmaus Moravian Church in Coral Bay
Email: [email protected]
Assist the church with needed cleaning and repairs.

5. Connections: 340-776-6922
Website: connectionsstjohn.com Facebook: @connectionsofstjohn
Serve a 15-minute shift for Connections’ plastic bottle recycling effort.

6. Freshwater Church
Website: freshwaterchurchvi.com Email: [email protected]
Join the Church’s volunteer team to work on housing projects for individuals in need.

7. Julius E. Sprauve School: 340-776-6336
Help with cleaning and organizing classrooms and the Industrial Arts Building.

8. St. John Christian Academy: 340-693-7722
Website:stjcacademy.org Facebook: @stjcacademy
Help with school needs and programs.

9. Island Health & Wellness Center
Website: islandhealthcenter.org Email: [email protected]
Help a non-profit family care practice.

10. Dana’s Carolina Corral in Coral Bay
Website: horsesstjohn.com Email: [email protected]
Help feed and care for horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats.

11. Gifft Hill School
Website: giffthillschool.org Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

12. St. John School of the Arts
Website: stjohnschoolofthearts.org Email: [email protected]
Help with cleaning, administrative support, teaching assistance, the concert series, and more.

13. Animal Care Center
Website: stjohnanimalcarecenter.com Email: [email protected]
Help walk dogs, clean the cat area, and special projects and events.

14. Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park
Website: friendsvinp.org Email: [email protected]
Help with beach clean-up, trail maintenance, restoring cultural sites, and much more.

15. Coral Bay Community Council Mangrove Clean Up
Email: [email protected]
Meet 8a-10a every Sunday in the Coral Bay Community Council parking lot with close toed shoes, sunscreen, long pants, and water.

16. The Red Cross on St. Thomas: 340-774-0375 facebook.com/RedCrossUSVI

17. United Way of the U.S. Virgin Islands: 340-774-3185 facebook.com/unitedwayusvi

18. The Salvation Army of St. Thomas: 340-776-0070 facebook.com/TSAStThomasUSVI

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  1. I an a nurse I have assisted with disaster relief through the red cross in the past. I am available for the month of February 2019 to volunteer. I paint, do yard work, clean up, basic building, cook for large groups, etc. I am also an ordained minister, jack of all trades.

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