More Direct Flights Coming to the Island!


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! We have some more great news to share today, and those of you reading from the Greater Boston area are really going to love this!

JetBlue announced yesterday that it will resume direct flights between Boston and St. Thomas next Valentine’s Day. (You have to fly into St. Thomas to visit us because St. John does not have an airport. After landing, it’s an easy taxi and ferry ride to reach us.) We just took a look at fares for a seven-night stay next February and we found some for as little as $230 each way. Not too shabby!

Another great thing about this is the timetables. The Boston flight leaves at 9:20 a.m. so you don’t have to wake up crazy early to make that flight. And the flight heading north out of St. Thomas leaves at 3 p.m. It shows those flights as having one stop, so my guess is that you will have to stop in Puerto Rico very briefly.

Here is a list of the current flight options to and from the islands. This following information was provided by the USVI Hurricane Information and Assistance page on Facebook.

Spirit will commence service from Orlando, FL to STT on Nov 8, 2018

Delta keeps fluctuating their flight numbers for their Atlanta-STT-Atlanta flights. These changes take place between their weekday flights and the weekend ones. Passengers booking flights should not be concerned by these fluctuations.

CURRENT Direct and Connecting flight options FROM STT :
– American Airlines (Miami, Florida) Flight 943 & 1391
– Delta (Atlanta, GA) Flight 307
– Delta (New York City JFK) Flight 676
– Spirit (Fort Lauderdale) Flight 212
– Jetblue (STT-SJU-FLL) Flight 1035 then 1654
– JetBlue (Boston, MA) Flight 1608 (short stop in SJU)
– United (Houston, TX) Flight 1124
– United (SJU-Newark, NJ) Flight 1173
-United (Washington DC) Flight 1445
– CapeAir (to SJU) Flight 8021

CURRENT Direct and Connecting flight options TO STT:
– American Airlines (Miami, Florida) Flight 943 & 1391
– Delta (Atlanta, GA) Flight 571
– Delta Airlines (New York City JFK) Flight 465
– Spirit .(Fort Lauderdale) Flight 201
– JetBlue (FLL- SJU-STT) Flight 1053, 1653 then flight 1236
– JetBlue (BOS-STT via SJU) Flight 1607 (short stop at SJU)
– United (Houston) Flight 1123
– United (Newark, NJ – SJU) Flight 1523
– United (Washington DC) Flight 1443
– CapeAir (from SJU) Flight 8031, 8091
– CapeAir (St. Croix) Flight 8661, 8681
– Seaborne (STX) Flight 3512, 3493

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your flights! And then book an island tour with me! I would love you show you my favorite parts of the island during your next trip!

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Have a great day everyone!

6 thoughts on “More Direct Flights Coming to the Island!”

  1. We just booked direct flights on United out of EWR to STT for under 300.00 RT. Appeared to be limited to Saturdays in September .

  2. My daughter and I are booked on United August 16 EWR to DC to STT then [ darn it ] United direct home on August 25. Direct flights down start ramping up in September.

  3. Now if they would just make a non-stop flight from Tampa to STT, I’d be all set. Multiple flights, or driving to FLL or Miami would be a thing of the past. One can dream…

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