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Well folks, it’s been a bit since we’ve told you the latest and greatest on the airline situation. Here is everything we currently know…

Direct service will commence between New York’s JFK airport and St. Thomas via Delta airlines this Saturday, April 7th. Thanks goodness! (And honestly, it’s about time!) But a big thank you to Delta for finally providing this service. This direct flight will initially operate on Saturdays only. On May 24th, Delta will resume daily nonstop service between JFK and STT. I just did a quick check of the prices and some days are as low as $163 one way. So what are you waiting for, go book your flights my fellow tri-state area friends!

United is also getting into the nonstop game! They plan to commence nonstop service between Washington Dulles (IAD) and St. Thomas on June 2nd. A quick search just showed great fares for this route too with prices as low as $214 one way on select days.

Here is who is currently flying into St. Thomas:

  • American has two daily flights via Miami.
  • Delta has one daily flight via Atlanta.
  • Spirit flies via Ft. Lauderdale on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays only.
  • JetBlue flies in daily via San Juan.
  • United has a daily flight from Newark that has a short stop in San Juan.
  • Cape Air and Seaborne airlines both have several flights daily via San Juan.

Many of you have expressed frustration over the limited flight schedules. I hear ya, and I am right there with you. One thing to look at it booking a ticket to San Juan and then booking a separate ticket from San Juan to St. Thomas. You may be able to find better prices and better schedule options this way. I would suggest to those of you who plan to do this to only travel with carry on luggage. If you do this and check luggage, you will have to recheck your luggage on the second airline and go through security again in San Juan. And we all know that’s no fun.

Curious what flights are flying in and out of St. Thomas or any airport on any given day? Well there is an easy way to check that out. Go to www.flightstats.com, and click on Advanced Search. Type in the airport you are curious about in either the Departure Airport or Arrival Airport box. Then pick the time of day you are curious about, and click Search. That will show you all of the flight information. Here is a sample search of some of the flights that are scheduled to arrive on April 3rd between noon and 6 p.m.:

airport arrivals screenshot

Pretty neat, right? I use this as a tool to find the best flights when flying into an airport that I am unfamiliar with.

Well that’s all we have for you today folks. I hope this information was helpful. And I hope that you are able to come and visit us soon.

21 thoughts on “The Latest on Flights & the Airlines”

  1. Suggestions on what to do if I have booked a flight that is not listed above for late July/early August. If American is only sending two flights a day from Miami, why are they selling tickets from other cities?

    • Everytime I have flown American to STT I have always connected in MIA or taken the direct flight out of MIA. I can’t say for sure but I don’t think they previously had many other direct flights to STT from other cities. I am hoping they add a 3rd flight soon like the old days. Airfare seemed to be much cheaper on American when they had more flights. Regardless, we will do what it takes to get back to STJ!

      • I know they had direct service from New York prior to the storms. I am not sure the other direct routes they had.

        • Direct from PHL daily during high season, twice on saturdays for sure and maybe twice on Sundays.

          Our direct flight for a Friday in a February was canceled after the storms.

          • Heather – and how we missed that direct flight from PHL!!! We had to go into MIA after the storms as well. Basically two days spent traveling, but oooooooh still worth it.

    • Do not assume they are adding flights! Know of similar situations and it didn’t happen and their flight was cancelled. I’d get on the phone now and tell them you want to be rebooked in known flight if you want to be safe.

  2. Also from Jet Blue:
    Boston to St.Thomas depart 8:21 am arrive STT 1:43 pm ( one stop 45 min in SanJuan but it is the same plane)

    • Hoping JetBlue resumes non-stop service. Their 3rd party flights, like the one referenced above, are usually in the $400 neighborhood through SeaBorne Air…

  3. Jenn, United is also restarting direct flight from Houston to St. Thomas in late April – I believe we are on the first flight when we come to visit in a few weeks.

  4. We always fly direct non-stop from Charlotte, NC to STT.
    We’re going back down in October, and booked the same non-stop flight, then 2 weeks later they canceled the non-stop flights, and are sending us thru Miami.

  5. Jet Blue has changed schedules numerous times since booking air in fall of 2017…heading down in May….airlines not making it easy!

  6. I just bought tickets on a non stop from Washington DC on United for April 14th. I have called United and been assured that it’s correct. Should I be worried?

  7. We bought tickets on the direct United flight out of IAD for July. Super happy to get on a plane at 8:30 AM and land in STT at 12:30 PM.

  8. We are on the West Coast which has been challenging to say the least! Coming down in mid-April and flying direct from LAX – MIA – STT on American. Coming back down in June and finally got a good flight on United LAX-IAD-STT which was actually over $100 less than the April flight. The challenge has been the long layovers but just last week the flights started opening up and the total trip times are actually what they were in the past (9 – 12 hours total trip time which is good from the west coast). Finding great fares on jetcost and momondo.

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