And Yet Another Restaurant Reopens on Island!!

aqua bistro exterior

More great news out of St. John to start your week! Yet another restaurant has reopened! We now have more than three dozen restaurants open on island … how exciting is that!

Oh wait, you’re probably wondering who was the latest to reopen! Drum roll please…. The answer is Aqua Bistro! Woohoo!

I had Easter lunch there with my tour guests yesterday, and it was absolutely delicious! And the place looks great. It was spruced up a bit due to storm damage, but it’s kept it’s fun little vibe. I really enjoy Aqua Bistro. Not only is the food good, but there is a great view of the harbor and there is always a nice breeze.

Check out a few pics and the new menu:

aqua bistro tables

aqua bistro dining area

aqua bistro bar view

aqua bistro view

aqua bistro menu

Looks great, right! Even the donkeys stopped by to check it out during our visit.

doneky at aqua bistro

Aqua Bistro is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For a list of all of the island’s open restaurants and bars, please check out www.newsofstjohn.com/open

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  1. Hi. I went there several times between March 25 and March 30 and everything was great; the staff, food, site itself. I had the pleasure of treating a bunch of BBC guys to lunch there also and I am sure they enjoyed it also ! Megan the bartender actually runs on the job, you are not waiting long at Aqua Bistro ! First class.

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