Great News from Trunk Bay!

Trunk Bay - April 2018
Trunk Bay – April 2018

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! We have great news to share with you about Trunk Bay … the water is back on! Woohoo! Now this may not sound super exciting, but I assure you, it is. 🙂

So you may be wondering why I’m excited about water. Well for starters, it shows progress and that’s always great. As you may know, we lost the reverse osmosis system at Trunk during Hurricane Irma. It took a bit, but the system is now repaired. This means that the bathrooms have reopened, as have the showers.

This also means that the concession area can reopen. Will they reopen immediately? Probably not. But they can now reopen because there is water on site.

The concessions at Trunk are operated by Redwoods Parks, the same company that oversees the campground at Cinnamon Bay. We’ve heard that representatives from the company have been on island in recent weeks, but we do not have any further information regarding the reopening of the Trunk concessions or Cinnamon Bay campground at this time.

For those of you looking to relax in a chair or perhaps snorkel the famous underwater snorkel trail, the rental hut at Trunk is open to fulfill all of your beach needs.

And more great news… Trunk Bay is still free of charge. I saw a ranger in the booth earlier this week. She stated that they planned to start charging soon, but she didn’t have an exact timeframe. We will keep you all posted on this.

In the meantime, have an amazing day everyone!

trunk bay booth

8 thoughts on “Great News from Trunk Bay!”

  1. This is fabulous news. Thank you, Jenn. I will be on island in 5 days (can you sense my anticipation!?), and spending a bit of time on Trunk where I was married 20 years ago is always on my STJ list. One of the most beautiful beaches on planet.

  2. Is that a recent photo of Trunk? Beach seems much broader than I remember! Looks great…we had several inches of snow here in Wisconsin last night, so that picture sure looks inviting!

  3. My wife and Made our 1st trip to Trunk Bay 30 years ago on our honeymoon . Since then we have been back many times. I am very happy for all who make a living there that things are getting better and all visitors .

  4. What is taking redwoods so long? This is the problem of privatization. Cinnamon bay in February was shocking with no effort beyond the beach

    • I am sure Redwood would be thrilled to reopen if the Park Service cleared debris at Cinnamon and there were enough tourists to make it economical to operate. Private companies will always step up where there is opportunity. They will hide if they know it’s a money loosing proposition.

      • Debris has been cleared at Cinnamon Bay. I had read there were squabbles between NPS and Redwood and this has been the major reason for the delays. Redwood has been weak with regards to their lack of communication from the very beginning of their contract. Cinnamon Bay loyal loving customers are all waiting to return! ASAP!! Please tell us something!

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