No changes planned for Skinny Legs

The Inquiring Iguana has always felt that newspapers don't pay enough attention to local businesses.  They are the lifeblood of local economies: employment, sales transactions, purchases, bank loans, etc.  Not to mention how critical healthy businesses are to an economy like St. John’s, dependent on tourism.  The more visitors know about the local businesses’ offerings, products and services, the more likely they are to go shopping.

BurgerBut enough blathering. The point is that Shaun Pennington’s Source online newspapers are an exception to the Iguana’s disappointment.

The Source regularly features businesses in a series called @ Work.

In the latest story, Lynda Lohr writes about the change in ownership at Coral Bay’s iconic Skinny Legs restaurant. 

She says that while there may be a new owner (who has worked at the place since 2000), “the laid-back, mellow vibe remains the same.”

Doug Bean pledges not to change anything.  Burgers are the specialty of the house for the customers because, “They want a cheap lunch.”  No french fries will be  added to the menu, because there isn't room for a fryer.

11 thoughts on “No changes planned for Skinny Legs”

  1. the french fries were the only reason i read the story. i’ve been a resident of the island for the past 8 years, and while having no deep fryer was cute at first and perhaps a reasonable excuse 10-15 years ago, it’s a little pathetic today. whenever someone asks me about skinny legs i tell them there’s a much better burger (and view) – with sweet potato fries! – at chateau bordeaux. every other establishment on st john has a deep fryer, it’s time to change with the times.

  2. Personally fries are overrated! The GTO with chips is great and the horseshoes far outweighs the view from Chateau Bordeaux.
    Stay as great as you are – “don’t go changin”.

  3. Love everything about Skinny’s but have always wished they had fries! When our children were little it was a deal breaker 🙁

  4. Yeah except at Bordeaux your fries get served with a big steaming pile of go !#$@#($&*^ yourself along with a side of i’m growing tall invasive bamboo in front of the view on purpose so you have to pay me for my attitude inside.
    Not directed at the employees

  5. Where we live in New Orleans there is a burger place called Port Of Call, we always said Skinny’s was like a Port Of Call in the islands, very similar in the laid back vibe and great burgers. They also do not serve fries, bur have a great baked potato with the burgers….might work there at Skinny’s too!

  6. Been to Port O Call in NO.. Great funky atmosphere.. great burgers. Skinny’s is their equal but in a tropical setting. Glad to see Bordeuax is back open and in the mix!!!

  7. It is but saddening to hear that there are people who don’t recognize the importance of those small businesses in the locality. These are the businesses that give chance to our locals who can’t be hired in big companies.

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