P.A. favors Patrick’s over parking

In the next few weeks, you can expect to see fewer parking spaces at the parking lot across from the Post Office.  It'll be that way for as many as eight months.

That’s because the VI Waste Management Authority plans to store equipment and materials for a wastewater pumping station they’ll build near the public bathrooms, according to the St. John Source.

The US Department of the Interior will pay the cost of the project, estimated at $1.1 to $1.2 million.

What the Inquiring Iguana finds most interesting about the project  is the Source’s report that “the Port Authority, which owns the parking lot, will … have to find another location for Patrick’s bar, which sits in the parking lot.”

While many people thought Patrick’s was only temporary, it’s been there 10 years or more. 

And now, the Source indicates, the business will be accommodated – even though its removal from public property could add half a dozen or more critically-needed parking spaces. 

4 thoughts on “P.A. favors Patrick’s over parking”

  1. As a Cruz Bay restaurant owner, I would like to point out that is grossly unfair for an operator to not pay rent, use public space, use public bathrooms, get a license for a mobile operation when the thing can’t move. With all due respect, there are a number of operators who are getting a free ride, and it is a competitive disadvantage for the establishments that operate within the rules.

  2. As a long time visitor to STJ(45years), I think it would be a shame to see that space not occupied by Patrick’s. In my opinion it preserves the flavor of what the island used to be like.
    I understand Michael’s concern, but there should be another solution.

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