Tequila tasting a new highlight of Katilady

Vodka and wine tasting are now part of Kate Steinborn’s Katilady Catering.  The 10-year-old firm has staged events like these in island villas. A beer tasting is planned, too.

"We’re trying to appeal to the local market," said Edika Franco one of Katilady’s chefs.  "There’s not much to do here for locals, so we just want to have some fun" with things like cooking demonstrations and wine pairings.

In the second part of an interview with Steinborn, she also explains how a Virgin Islands business owner like herself has to be flexible and always adapting.  "If you want to do one thing, and only one thing, this is not the place for you," she explained.

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You can also download or hear the conversation by clicking here.

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