Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay

Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay

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Spring is in full bloom (if your sinuses didn’t already let you know) and you might be feeling an urge to start spring cleaning. Instead of taking your old things to the dumpster, bring them to Coral Bay’s Stuff Depot next week.

Next Saturday, on April 29th, there will be a community wide yard sale, coined “The Stuff Depot” from 9am – 12pm at Oasis in Coral Bay. The Stuff Depot is a triannual event hosted by the Coral Bay Community Council to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill and to repurpose forgotten/unused items around your home. Community members can either donate their items to the CBCC directly or sell them at the Stuff Depot independently.

Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay 1

The CBCC asks if you would like to donate/sell your things, to come at 8am as tables are on a first come, first serve basis. If you have your own table, please bring it! All proceeds to be kept by the owner with a request for a CBCC (Coral Bay Community Council) donation to help with expenses and to fund future community events. All proceeds raised from the Stuff Depot stay in the community.

If you’re feeling like you have too much stuff, the Stuff Depot is a great way for you to declutter your life and pick up some unique things in exchange! Donate, trade, or sell old clothes, books, shoes, furniture, or whatever you think will be another person’s treasure. Anything leftover will be taken to the Island Green Resource Depot, where it can be further repurposed at a later date.

Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay 2
Photo from last year’s Stuff Depot

In addition to the yard sale, there will be local art vendors set up with handcrafted jewelry, gorgeous paintings, and imaginative pottery that offer a unique lens into Coral Bay and resident artists.

Come hungry because there will be a food booth serving local foods next door, at the location formerly known as Cases by the Sea. They’ll be serving Caribbean cuisine during the hours of the Stuff Depot. The bar at Johnny Lime (at Oasis) will be open during the event and Johnny Lime itself opens at noon, after the Stuff Depot is over.

This environmentally friendly event is a part of the Solid Waste Management Initiative, a program created by the CBCC to minimize the amount of stuff that winds up in the landfill.


Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay 3
Photo from last year’s “Stuff Depot”

The CBCC also created a “R Word Manual” last year as part of their Solid Waste Management Initiative. The manual is a how-to guide when it comes to the proper disposal of solid waste around the island. It emphasizes the importance of proper waste management thinking (reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle) and includes detailed information about Island Green Living’s recycling program. More information about their Solid Waste Management Initiative can be found here

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If you’re interested in getting involved with the Coral Bay Community Council, they have ongoing projects that they need volunteers for. St. John is still recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and the CBCC organizes regular coastline and mangrove cleanups to remove debris. There will also be another Stuff Depot event on July 29th that need volunteers. You can sign up on their website to become a volunteer and receive emails when the next event is announced. Another way to get involved is by donating on their website. 

Stuff Depot this Saturday (4/29) in Coral Bay 5

Special thanks to Tracy Pajewski for providing me with all the information above and taking the time to speak with me about the Stuff Depot and what the CBCC does for the community. I highly recommend checking out their website here

About the Stuff Depot, Tracy says, “the goal is to have a fun community event, clean out our homes of items we no longer need or want, find new treasures, and keep things out of the dumpsters!”

Hope to see everyone next Saturday! 


***if planning on donating/selling your old things, advance sign up at the CBCC office or by email: [email protected] is required

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