Coral Bay’s wondermutt hits the big time

Mrs. Inquiring Iguana
and I were having a kitchen table conference about year-end charitable contributions.  She made it clear, the Animal Care Center of St. John is staying on the list.  Of course, as dog lovers, it would be.  And it may be the ACC’s about to get more attention, thanks to a new book, "The Ultimate Dog Lover," by "Good Morning America" resident veterinarian Marty Becker.

In fact, a portion of the book's sales will go to the ACC, thanks to the book’s cover photo of Lilly,  a six-year-old mixed breed dog rescued by the St. Thomas Human Society and adopted by Christy Dove, the owner of Big Fish gift shop at Cocoloba Shopping Center in Coral Bay.

The cover of the book includes an explanation that “Lilly, the wondermutt, is a coconut retriever (island doig) – a greed not recognized by the AKC but coveted by human companions.”  Becker, the author, and his family are regular visitors to St. John, where they met Lilly.  The rest is history.

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