St. Johnopoly is BACK!!!

St. Johnopoly is BACK!!!

Greetings Friends!  Yup, you read that right!  Everyone’s favorite St. John board game is hitting the shelves again.  The Fourth Edition of St. Johnopoly, an island version of the traditional Monopoly celebrating St. John, is now available for pre-sale.  This fourth edition of the celebrated St. John centric and fun for the whole family board game features a ton of new businesses (many of which you will recognize) and iconic game pawns like palm trees, sea turtles and Jeeps 🙂

Head on over to the pre-sale page to learn more and order your Fourth Edition St. Johnopoly game for yourself or for the lovers of St. John in your life!  This is a great Christmas gift for folks who have traveled to Love City with you in the past!  Your pre-order gets you first in line to have St. Johnopoly shipped directly to your home in time for the holidays.

St. Johnopoly is like being on St. John when you can’t be!  So, get your game ordered today and, when it arrives, throw on your favorite island threads, crank up the heat, turn on a St. John webcam and your favorite island playlist, make yourself a Painkiller or a Bushwhacker (or both!) and move your Jeep around the game board to your favorite St. John locations such as High Tide, The Windmill Bar, Colombo’s Smoothies and Beach Bar!

Winter is coming….So get yourself set up for regular St. John game playing in your own home during the colder months of the year by pre-ordering your Fourth Edition St. Johnopoly board game today!

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