St. John ornaments on White House Tree

Tree_2 Two St. John artists, Kimberly Boulon and Elaine Estern, have contributed
decorations to the White House Christmas Tree. 
They created them as part of a project to trim the Tree with ornaments representing the 391 National park facilities. Estern said the White House reception, at which the tree was revealed, "was like a fairy tale." (Click on the photos top see larger versions.)

Estern  hand-painted an ornament to represent the Coral Reef National Monument.   

Boulon’s depicts the V.I. National Park

6 thoughts on “St. John ornaments on White House Tree”

  1. The ornaments painted for the White House tree are to be a one of a kind only. We were admonished not to reproduce them in any way. After they are removed from the tree, they go into the National Archives in Washington DC, and are a part of all of our heritage. Elaine Estern

  2. An honor for us island lovers,yes. The simple beauty and delicate attention put into these ornaments is entirely reminiscent of what is needed and cherished within the history and future of St. John. Congratulations,Bravo, and Merry Christmas,Elaine!( I also echo the sentiments of jumbie girl-maybe next year?!) Again, well done!!!

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