Blues festival schedule announced

Just days after organizing the St. John Christmas Music Festival, Steve Simon is back at work preparing for his 6th annual St. John Blues Festival.  It’s scheduled for March 19-23.  The event’s big concert will be Saturday, the 22nd, in Coral Bay at the ball field.

There’s a Cajun feel to this year’s planning.  Tab Benoit, winner of Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the Year and B.B. King Entertainer of the Year Awards, is the headliner.  The blues singer and guitarist from Louisiana has made it his cause to protect the culture of the region which, he believes, is in danger as the flow of the Mississippi River is threatening the state’s wetlands.  "The wetlands of Louisiana fade daily due to erosion at the rate of one football field an hour," Benoit said.

Here’s the festival’s schedule: http://www.stjohnbluesfestival.com/new/schedule08.htm

In his ‘spare’ time, Simon is also heading up fund raising on behalf of St. John Rescue.  The goal is to buy a new ambulance boat.

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