Maho Bay Campground for sale: $32 million

Last we heard, the Trust for Public Land was to meet with the owners of the 13.8 acres on which Stanley Selengut built his award-winning eco-tourist resort.  If they met, they didn’t make a deal. It’s for sale.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal’s high-end real estate page included an ad for the property. Islandia Real Estate’s Kayre Carney was listed as the contact. Since the offering is on the Multiple Listing Service, any of island real estate firm can provide information. It has also been advertised in a St. John newspaper.

The ad for the "rare opportunity" said: "13.8 acres zoned resort or residential white sandy beach front located within the National Park.  Currently Maho Bay Campground; property offered subject to lease expiring 2012."  Beach
The land includes 850  feet of shoreline.   The fact the MLS lists it as a "Land" offering suggests it’s being marketed as a real estate development opportunity.

In the current issue of Travel + Leisure magazine, Maho Bay is called the island’s best value. 

13 thoughts on “Maho Bay Campground for sale: $32 million”

  1. The chance seems slim to none that a real estate developer would build something related to Mr. Selengut’s eco resort. What a shame to turn this area into another Westin type resort. All good things must come to an end…..sad to see a place so pure turned into glitz.

  2. Obviously there will be many comments bemoaning the passing of the eco-resort but my observations are that at that price what other option does the purchaser have? I hate developers (except the one who put in the roads and services and developed the area where our own home sits). This is going to be a big time payday for the the realtors .. $32million at the going commission for land of 10%.. a cool $3.2mil.

  3. If the lease expires 2012, and given how long ‘island time’ takes to build a new development, why would this interest anyone? Am I missing something–i.e. is it a ‘sure deal’ that the 99-year lease would be renewed??


  5. I love St. John as much as anyone else who does not live on the island, however it always intrigues me as to how anyone with the resources to make continuing visits to St. John can begrudge another owning land that valuable who is cashing in on that value. Obviously, the way to precent the insipid development is to establish some type of well-funded Trust to buy and preserve land such as this, but please don’t hold it against the owners for trying to cash in on their invenstment any more than you would hold it against someone who sold stock they had owned for many years.

  6. St. John was lost 5 years ago when grande bay, serenusa and the marina projects were approved.
    Add to this the high profile murders, rapes, muggings and other news that hit nationally….combine this with native families selling out their land to the highest bidder…
    and well…the game is in the hands of developers.
    Liza Trey and the Jadans are suing to recover losses…but is too late for them and st john.
    Selling Maho to developers is a fitting end…how about steve simon buying it and donating it to the people of the virgin iskands? he owns a merchants bank…

  7. I do hold it against someone who does not have the wisdom and integrity to see the error of their ways. Maybe a philanthropist-Billy Gates–can be cajoled into visiting the island and saving it from the developers and the useless real estate parasites.

  8. I do hold it against someone who does not have the wisdom and integrity to see the error of their ways. Maybe a philanthropist-Billy Gates–can be cajoled into visiting the island and saving it from the developers and the useless real estate parasites.

  9. My fiance and I have stayed at several private villas over the past few years,and are planning on staying at one of the Maho camps. Aside from the Maho.Org. photos & galleries, we’re looking for other photos/albums of the interiors/exteriors of the accomodations. Is it all family-type lodging? How much privacy is there? Are there a lot of children? We’ll most likely give it a go,anyway, but just curious…We just don’t want to offend anyone!

  10. Perhaps an outfit like the Trustees of Reservations could buy the Maho land and preserve it in a state that would make most of us happy.

  11. Much in the way an area in the US is designated as historic and therefore cannot be developed, the federal government needs to step in and take total control over St. John in the name of preserving a national monument (the island of St. John). 32 mill is nothing to the feds to buy Maho and preserve it in the best interest of the US. Another 100 or 200 mil to buy back Siranuisance and Grande Mistake and restore them to green. The Feds should also put a complete halt to ANY construction or development that damages the reef. (green building is ok.) The reef is dying. St. John is being ravaged by developers that only care about the size of their bank accounts. Help! Federal government PLEASE come to the rescue. Take over St. John. This is one case where too much federal government would be a good thing. Left in the hands of the VI government, the island is in peril.

  12. I have a dream…and my dream is to turn this property into a refuge for children who have none. My dream is to start a “prep school” for those who have no idea of what that is…..but are children of hope and ability even though they come from a place of no resources. MY dream is to maintain the pristine beauty of this property without having it doled out to developers. I have one hope and pray that anyone who believes in this dream sends their support, only in word, so that perhaps this dream can be presented to the person who can make it happen. He is not a phantom, he is real. It can be done.

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