St. John on the iPhone

The Inquiring Iguana has found three more apps for the iPhone and iPad focused on the island.

Pariser Explore St. John was written by Harry Pariser and published by Sutro Media. He's a prolific travel writer with 20 travel books to his credit.  The app is undoubtedly based on his Explore the Virgin Islands, now in its fifth edition. 

Folks who have used the $3.99 app say it's OK, but not special. "There's nothing on it you couldn't find somewhere else, but it's nice to have it in one central location," said cmw5682 at Virgin islands On-Line. SOonthebeach added, "It is still fun to look through to get reminders of places we have forgotten."

Targeting the wedding market is MagazineCloner.com. It's offering an app of Virgin islands Wedding and Honeymoon magazine for $1.99.   The electronic version has articles about the USVI and BVI, including resources couples can use to plan their big day.

St john appl The St. John App was published a few months ago. The iTunes Store description says the island guide was made by a local and includes maps, driving tours, guides to hiking trails and restaurant information. One reviewer, JMoody83, said "This app made our time on island so easy … can't imagine trying to get around without it." Now FREE!

Got any other St. John (or Travel) apps the Iguana should know about? Share them in a comment here.

5 thoughts on “St. John on the iPhone”

  1. Actually there is a FREE app put out by the Virgin Islands Tourism Board for the iPhone. Put “My Virgin Islands” in your search and it will pop up. Decent site and you can specify St. John as the place you are following.

  2. I long for the good old days when you couldn’t get cell phone service on the island to even use an app. What happen to good old fashioned exploring? That is the best part of island life!

  3. I am in complete agreement wit LZ: we come to the islands to escape all of this kind of “bizzyness.” We come for the serendiity of the moment! That’s what makes – or has always made- St. John so very special. MLA

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