Tourist Trap – not fancy, but special


Caribbean Travel + LIfe magazine knows a good thing when it tastes it.  And one 'good ting' is Larry Grenier's "Tourist Trap" backyard bar.

Admittedly off the main tourist route, despite its name, the Trap is four miles east of Coral Bay at Concordia.  CT+L says, "You'll find a backyard with a half-dozen mismatched tables."  Grenier calls it, "a little shithole on the side of the road."

People who have been there are, however, much more respectful.  Trip Advisor has more than a hundred reviews, ranking Trap the 10th best restaurants on the island, out of 93.  

Reviewers say things like:

"It's the adult beverages that earn the Trap claps," says the magazine, "particularly the Drink Right, Keep Left, a slushy rum-and-fruit concoction.

The Trap's going on five years old. Long enough some people might want to redecorate or straighten up.  Not Larry. "We can't make this place nice 'cause people don't want it to be nice," he told the magazine.  "Half the stuff here was either given to me or found in a dumpster."

2 thoughts on “Tourist Trap – not fancy, but special”

  1. Love the Trap! For all the reasons stated and the view is great. Hope it never changes and,sorry Cheryl and Larry,but I hope it doesn’t get too popular either! 😉

  2. Every time I am on St. John I never miss going to the Tourist Trap for my lobster fix. I love that place and would never want it to change but I wish the “redneck” wind chime was returned.

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