Must See St. John TV: House Hunters International

HgtvJohn and Stacey Alvarado
lived the good life with their young son, Andrew, on the island of St. Thomas.

It was all a day at the beach until John got a job on St. John, adding an extended commute via ferry across the sound.

Motivated to regain the lost family time and invest in their future, John and Stacey decided to relocate to St. John, but there's an added perk that comes with the move. They can bring their beloved dogs after deciding to purchase a home, since most St. John rentals don't allow four-legged tenants.

Investing in their family, both human and furry, fuels the search for John, but Stacey's fear of hurricanes made buying an island home a stormy experience.

The new episode will premiere Monday night at 10:30 p.m. and repeat at 1:30 a.m., eastern.

4 thoughts on “Must See St. John TV: House Hunters International”

  1. Pretty bizarre fit of buyers to properties, it seems; first the couple with a son and two dogs is shown a one bedroom condo in Grande Bay, then (despite the need to commute daily to Cruz Bay, and a strong concern over wood frame structures), a pair of small wooden pods near Salt Pond, and finally a house on the Gifft Hill Road, which (who knew!) they end up choosing.

  2. It was great to see the different types – interesting that there was no mention of the outrageous WAPA cost (althought they did get in that it is 23% more expensive to live on StJ). The wife was a piece of work – doesn’t seem made for living on the islands (car sick, storm-fear).
    Also, interesting was that HOA fees at Grande Bay were not discussed. As we watch every HGTV House Hunters – HOA fees are always discussed in the price when it is a condo. They also misrepresented the property during the buyers tour – showing as terrace that is not part of the 1Bd. Even here GB is being misrepresented. However, that is very typical in this business – especially with the deep advertising pockets GB seems to have.

  3. Ok, you guys know this show is fake and the preselect the properties they view right? Everything is set up and the subjects of the show have little to nothing to say over the final product. I knew a couple that was searching for a house in Puerto Vallarta and it was absurd to hear their account versus the final product.

  4. LOL, participants used to get $500 for being on the show. it is all staged, usually the house they choose has already been decided on. Still fun to see the exotic places on the show.

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