St. John: Morning after at 10:45 a.m.

Island artist Sloop Jones said his East End neighborhood weathered the storm in OK fashion. 

Asked about damages, Jones said "Nothing out here. This was a small powerful storm.  Maybe three inches of rain.  We had one serious blow for about 20 minutes, around 60 mph."

He did have a close call, though. "Around 6 a.m. Monday,  I moved my car.  20 minutes later a tree fell where my car was!"

Elsewhere, "Rain came down in sheets," another East End resident, Stephen Hull, told the St. John Source's report.

Sloop Jones, by the way, said he spent most of Monday online, doing e-mail and other e-chores, despite power flickers.  He has another business, Dish 'n Dat, which installs HughesNet dishes which provide Internet access via satellite.

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