St. John: Morning after at 11:15 a.m.

Crews from the Water and Power Authority, Waste Management Authority and Innovative phone/cable are being dispatched to make repairs necessary from the storm.  There were  reports of downed power and utility lines and lots of roads blocked by debris and branches.

The Governor also ordered schools and government offices closed Tuesday

3 thoughts on “St. John: Morning after at 11:15 a.m.”

  1. I am not sure if someone will get this…but your news bits are the only information I have been able to get about St. John. I was supposed to travel there Friday for vacation at Caneel Bay Resort. They are closed today and their New York office did not have any information. they said everything will be fine tomorrow.
    I am sure they will get power, etc. but I do not want to go if the island is not it’s wonderful self!!
    Any thoughts from St. John?

  2. I would stick with your plans and go. St John is a wonderful place full of warm wonderful people. From the sound of it they are going to be fine. If in doubt & you have travel insurance call tomorrow and if not satisfied rebook. Enjoy. Have one at the Beach Bar for me

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