Virgin Islands house hunting – the Lost Episode

HGTV did not broadcast the episode about a North Carolina couple hunting for a villa on St. John

The show, produced last December when Ted and Sharon Prosser went shopping and bought a villa in Coral Bay, had been scheduled for Sunday night at 9:30pm.

Prosser said the show was on the schedule Saturday morning on his DirecvTV guide.  However, when The Inquiring Iguana tried to set up his DVR to catch the program, the 9:30 p.m. slot was then scheduled for a segment about real estate in Toronto. 

“It might be that when St John won the contest they were running " Best Place In The World" for a second home, they moved our show,” Prosser said in an e-mail.  He’s asked the producers for more information.

5 thoughts on “Virgin Islands house hunting – the Lost Episode”

  1. i saw this episode on Friday night June 12th on Verizon Fios in MD, it was the winner of 2nd home search, and they showed the whole episode the night the first place winner was announced. Oddly, my DVR called the episode, “Beautiful in the Bahamas ” but it was the St John episode.

  2. The NEW episode of House Hunter Interational has NOT BEEN shown
    The producers and HGTV moved it we think because of the conflict with the contest
    I will let Frank and newsofstjohn.com know when the new air date is posted

  3. Friends
    Who knows with HGTV, BUT Direct TV and Dish TV has the show featuring our house on St John USVI ” Into The Mystic” airing Sunday night at 9:30 PM HGTV House Hunters International
    We are not very good actors But the house is gorgeous!!!

  4. We recently watched an episode of House Hunters on HGTV (June 12th) listing St. John as the #1 destination to buy in. The episode did not feature the Prossers or “Into The Mystic” however, but another couple who purchased a 3 million dollar pink villa. Was HGTV following more than one couple? Or was this an older episode?

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