St. John tops for 2nd home

House “The most popular choice from among House Hunters International's list of the world's best locations is the (sic) St. John in the American (sic) Virgin Islands,” HGTV announced, albeit with grammatical errors 

“Online voters selected this beautiful island community as the most desirable settings (sic) ) in all the world to live.”

(Do you think maybe the HGTV flack took English as a THIRD language?)

HGTV produced a video slide show of St. John to illustrate the story.  But, clearly, they did this on the cheap.  Instead of hiring one of the island’s excellent photographers like Steve Simonsen or Bob Schlesinger, they sourced shots from the Department of Tourism.  Not that the canned photos aren’t gorgeous.

‘Runners up’ in the Viewer Favorites survey were the Amafi Coast, Rome, Bali, Indonesia and Harbour Island, Bahamas.

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  1. I saw the votes online placing St. John as first. But did the show air? We live in Louisville and tuned in last night and didn’t see the St. John show. It was a different show. Good luck with everyone that will be wanting to move down or visit the island after the show. Maybe it will help the shops and villas.

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