Somebody is getting the New Year started well

Enjoying what are reported to be temperatures in the 40’s in Lexington, KY, a reader of the Virgin Islands On Line forum reported looking at the Web cam at about 10 a.m. and seeing this.

“I'm sure there is a story there, but I'm not writing it. Good luck to whomever this is! Getting married on St. John on New Year's Day isn't a bad way to start a life together,” said RD.


1 thought on “Somebody is getting the New Year started well”

  1. They were there quite awhile! I walk on Cruz Bay beach by the ferry dock many many times while I’m going from my office to various spots in town. I saw them, smiled, waved, said “Congratulations! And Happy New Year!” They were full of smiles, she looked lovely, and didn’t seem to mind they were waiting around.

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