Soggy Dollar Launches Online Radio Station

soggy dollar radio
If you love the Soggy Dollar Bar and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, if you love the islands, and if you dream of St. John on a daily basis and need a daily fix other than reading our fun little website here, you’re going to love this … Soggy Dollar just launched a new online radio station!

We received a ton of emails over the past few weeks asking what happened to Love City Radio. Well today we can tell you that the folks behind the radio station have moved over to the Soggy Dollar Bar where they just launched Soggy Dollar Radio – a sunny place for a shady broadcast. You can access the radio station online 24/7 at www.soggydollarradio.com.

Another fun part beside the music is that the website has a slideshow of sorts, making you feel like you’re right there at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Painkiller anyone?

soggy dollar radio pic

3 thoughts on “Soggy Dollar Launches Online Radio Station”

  1. The Soggy Dollar webcam is constantly on in my office since the first trip there. And now the Soggy Dollar Radio has been an overwhelming success in my office, thank you!!! We had been stuck on Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney XM, but Soggy Dollar is fitting my St John island dreaming needs perfectly here in freezing Indiana! Thanks for the heads up Jenn.

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