Coral Bay Made the New York Times!

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Ut oh, the secret’s getting out…

Well it looks like our little slice of heaven may soon be getting a flurry of new visitors because it just appeared on the home page of the New York Times! How fancy is that?!!

The New York Times printed a list of 52 places to go in 2016, and you know who is number four on the list – Coral Bay! Here’s what they had to say:

It’s a big world out there. From ancient temples to crystalline waters, here are our top destinations to visit this year. 

4. Coral Bay, St. John: Visit the US Virgin Island’s quiet corner before big development

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The beaches are less crowded, the emphasis is on local over commercial, and the people share a friendly sense of neighborhood pride. Among the town’s attractions: monthly full-moon parties at Miss Lucy’s, and a Thanksgiving “Thankspigging” pot luck pig roast hosted by the community at Skinny Legs, where the eating often swells into a singalong. But this quiet community may soon change. Visit before a proposed outlet mall and megamarina, expected to engulf the bay, transforms the laid-back atmosphere of this little corner of the United States Virgin Islands.

I’m happy that Coral Bay made the list. It shows just how special this part of the island is.

8 thoughts on “Coral Bay Made the New York Times!”

  1. Those of us who have already known, have known a long time. The reasons we bought our property on this side of the island speak for themselves. Quiet, beautiful, peaceful, largely untouched and tranquil are just some of the descriptive phrases that can be used to describe. IMHO, the higher elevations looking over the BVI’s and channel provide some of the best unobstructed views on the island.

  2. Although the NYT information about Coral Bay is incorrect it has promoted awareness of how important it is to stop destructive development. We have received more donations and people are writing letters regarding our latest threat, the Sirius Marina. Information about how to write your letter to the Army Corps can be found here. The more public opposition we have the stronger we become. Save Coral Bay for future generations. Please!


  3. Sad to say but it was already tainted by all the wealthy folk that decided to come and build as many vacation villas as they could, which was definitely one of the main reasons it made living there so crazy expensive. I feel for the people who have grown up there and have had to live with the times changing all too quickly. I am so fortunate to have lived there before all the mega wealthy came in and changed it and made it not so quaint… One thing holds true, you can’t take away her beauty…. Cheers St. Johnians!

  4. Agree Michael, so glad I had the ability to live on St John, and St Thomas awhile back. I have moved on to quieter islands…Dominica, Virgin Gorda, Bequia, Tom Owens Cay in Belize. St John always will hold a special place in my heart tho…..

  5. I’m of two minds about development in Coral Bay. Pro – it’s good to see orderly development of the such a beautiful place. More people such know and understand the tranquility of the east end of the island. Con – having lived in Coral Bay in 1973, I knew firsthand the intimate neighborly feeling of Coral Bay . Freddie’s tiny roadside store and Arnet Marsh’s restaurant and bar were the only “development” in the area. I have very fond memories of my year there. I’m hoping the new plans for Coral Bay don’t spoil such a wonderful place.

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