Sloop Jones: colorful talent

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Sloop Jones is a man of many colors, two names, and lots of talent.  Born Terry McKoy, he picked up the "Sloop" nickname in college and went into business with his partner, Jones, in South America several decades ago.  So when he came to St. John more than 20 years ago, he named his company Sloop Jones.

Working in Guatemala, Jones said he was struck by the vivid colors of the Mayan Indians, and their contrast with his grey suit, white shirt, and black shoes. He said, "Theirs' was a life full of color. The color in my life was limited to a sliver of silk (a tie)."  That was a push that eventually brought him to St. John, in a studio far out on East End, where he and his other partner, Barbara Alperen built a business designing and hand-painting shirts, dresses, skirts, hats, rugs, pillows and more. His artistry and execution are first class; his palatte rich in vibrant yet relaxing colors.

While you can find some of his clothing for sale in Cruz Bay, driving out to East End for a visit to the studio/store is not to be missed. Jones took time one afternoon to show me around, and we began talking about how he got from El Salvador to East End.  

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  1. sloop jones is indeed a cool guy. my wife and i visited with him a couple years ago while spending a week on st. john. not only does he do wonderful artwork (esp. with clothing), he is a truly kind and gracious man. he gave us the “cook’s tour” of his place. he is a st. john icon!
    ron ortman
    tarpon springs, fl

  2. This is a friend from Canyon Lake, Texas. We’re planning to visit via cruise in December. Will Betsy Small be there. I would like to add to my Sloop Jones wardrobe.

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