To Do: Paddleboarding at Cinnamon

The latest and greatest is Stand up Paddleboarding, according to Debbie Hime, writing in the St. John Sun Times magazine.

It's as simple as, well, standing up and paddling.  What makes it a terrific workout in just an hour is your reaching down into the water with the paddle and stroking. "Your core (abs and back) (are) doing much of the work," Hime wrote.

The place to rent paddleboards, at $20 an hour, is Wind Surfing Adventures at Cinnamon Bay Watersports Center.  They've got about two dozen different boards … big and fat for novices, slim and slick for the pros.

The variable for the degree of exercise, of course, is the water.  Waves or no, wind or no.

Hime quoted Watersports' Rich Metcalf saying, "Paddleboarding is growing so fast because it's something every age can do.  Plus, it's a killer workout and as you get better it becomes easier."

  • Read Debbie Himes' story here.

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