Rich and Famous sightings

Word that Kenny Chesney was playing at Woody’s last week quickly spread via the Coconut Telegraph.

Within an hour, people were jammed outside, trying to get a look at man who has seven nominations in this year’s Country Music Awards.
(Photo credit: http://www.saildivebvi.com/serendipity.)

But Chesney’s not the only ‘star’ whose been seen on St. John.  Others include Brangelina and Harrison Ford

9 thoughts on “Rich and Famous sightings”

  1. In April, we saw Paul Adelstein (Prison Break, Private Practice) drive up in a Jeep to Miss Vie’s to check out the menu. When one of our group told him the food was well worth a try, he smiled and asked if they did drive thru but never did stop for lunch. Not quite as star-worthy as Brangelina, but those of us in the know were still pretty pleased with ourselves for spotting him.

  2. My husband and I were married on Trunk Bay in 2003. During our visit we saw Kid Rock at Woodys. Being from Michigan (like him) and having far too many adult beverages I had a short conversation with him about Michigan life. He was very nice and wasn’t bothered by anyone in the bar.

  3. I also saw Richard Simmons at Salt Pond Bay in ’06. He looked all oiled up and was wearing his usual running shorts and fancy singlet. He said he was over for a day visit from St Barth’s.

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