Rich and Famous “Scene” on St. John

Some interesting responses to this week’s survey.  Some serious, some fantasy-land.  Here are a few, as of Friday morning.150pxharrison_ford_2

  • Harrison Ford, at Caneel Bay
  • Mohammed Ali, at the Westin
  • Jmm said, “A few years ago I saw a guy who looked like the pope. My wife said it absolutely was not The Pope. Probably not, but still….”
  • Kim Kemp … “My husband and I were married on Trunk Bay in 2003. During our visit we saw Kid Rock at Woodys. Being from Michigan (like him) and having far too many adult beverages I had a short conversation with him about Michigan life. He was very nice and wasn’t bothered by anyone in the bar.”
  • Howard … “In April, we saw Paul Adelstein (Prison Break, Private Practice) drive up in a Jeep to Miss Vie’s to check out the menu. When one of our group told him the food was well worth a try, he smiled and asked if they did drive thru but never did stop for lunch. Not quite as star-worthy as Brangelina, but those of us in the know were still pretty pleased with ourselves for spotting him.”

9 thoughts on “Rich and Famous “Scene” on St. John”

  1. I saw Denzel Washington at Caneel Bay in March 2006, he was walking up the path from Cottage 7, just wished each other a “Good Day”

  2. May 2002- My family and I were sitting on the beach at the Westin when Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica) and son Miles come walking down the beach. He starts talking to my husband. I knew who he was, but my husband did not. When Lars realized that my husband did not know who he was, he sat down on the chair next to us and continued to talk to my husband about the island, beaches, etc. while his son played in the sand.

  3. Harrison Ford with family on beach at caneel in 1997.
    Coach of green bay packers also in 1997, forgot his name.
    2003 saw tv crew from TLC a Wedding story on AT&T and STJ.
    Bill Clinton… Forget year

  4. Long time ago
    We were at Caneel during the filming of “Four Seasons” Alan Alder and crew. At a susbseqent stay Carol Channing,was hard to recognized –but the voice. We missed Billy Martin by a week.
    Retired now so we have only lunch at Caneel.

  5. Hubby and I were in Cruz Bay and passed Cameron Diaz on the sidewalk in front of the flower shop. When I told my husband who we just passed, she heard me and turned around and smiled. Hubby never did figure out who she was!!

  6. Up until the mid-1980’s the Caneel Christmas crowd included Laurence & Mary Rockefeller, Mel Brooks & Ann Bancroft, and Alan Alda. In December, 1984, Mel Brooks and Alan Alda played a tennis match at Caneel and both came out on the court wearing superman costumes and capes-while the Caneel guests all cheered them on.

  7. We saw Cameron Diaz by Mooie’s. Look like she had some body guards with her. We think we saw Sarah Jessica Parker at Mongoose -looked just like her, I waved and she put her finger to her lips as to say shhhhhh and smiled real big.

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