Survey suggests stronger tourism soon come

Looks like a lot of News of St. John readers will be on island next year.

Last week’s survey generated about 500 responses about next year’s travel plans, with 73% of respondents say they have plan an island visit.  Almost two of of 10 people said that “Maybe” they’ll be on island, while only 11% said they don’t have plans to visit.

In light of what I’ve been hearing about villa rentals, the strength of the responses to our survey is somewhat surprising.  A good winter season would be welcome after what have been two soft years.

5 thoughts on “Survey suggests stronger tourism soon come”

  1. We’re coming in June for an eight-day family reunion, 30 years of marriage! Can’t wait! And because it’s a mult-family deal, we do have the villa reserved and some of the FF flights. We’re hoping for lower paid flights . . . so we’ll see.

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