Saying goodbye at Maho

It’s been a bittersweet winter season for the Maho Bay Camps.  Lots of people have been bidding farewell to the beautiful beach, the cabin and tent sites, the staffers, and friends made around the campfires.

On the Maho Bay Camps Facebook page, Dawna Leger Phillips posted a picture from her family’s cabin. “Feeling incredibly sad and lonely, blessed and grateful," she wrote. "We are home from our third and last stay at Maho Bay Camps.

And she posted this picture which is surely worth more than a thousand words.


Nearly three dozen other Maho lovers chimed in with comments.

5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye at Maho”

  1. I find this one of the saddest things to happen to the island. I stayed there last May for 2 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great food,great staff,slept well,and met friendly people from all over the USA! And all for very little money! Tried to get in again this May but they were filled. However,I will visit the campgrounds while I’m on island and say my goodbyes.
    Can’t help but wonder what will be built there now.

  2. You know, we are blessed to be able to stay & go where we choose – we have chose MAHO on & off over the last 22 years. It is a very SPECIAL place & it will be missed by
    many who GET IT!! We are praying for something just as
    amazing to be brought forth from this!

  3. My family and I have been to Maho Bay twice. After hearing us talk about it my mother and two sister and their children all enjoyed Maho Bay. I will always have wonderful memories of this beautiful place and the wonderful people we met.

  4. I find your comments inaccurate and ignorant. Clearly it will be missed by many. Do you believe that just because this is does not reflect your opinion it isn’t relevant? I find your words very telling as to why a person such as yourself could not see the beauty and importance of Maho Bay campground.Do you also hate smiling and sunshine? Not every option for accommodations on St. John should be on par with Westin or Caneel just as not every traveler is the same. Different strokes sir.

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