Ferry fare may go up 16%

Ferry 8650
The ferry fare from Red Hook to St. John would rise $1 to $7 under a proposal by the ferry operators and the Public Services Commission, according to a report by the St. John Source. The charge per suitcase on the Red Hook ferry would rise from $2.50 to $4.00.

Maria Hodge, attorney for Transportation Services and Varlack Ventures, testified at a public hearing on St. John, “The current fares are not adequate to cover the cost of opertations and a reasonable rate of return."

The ferry companies and the PSC also propose to raise the fare to Charlotte Amalie from St. John to $13.  

In an interesting gambit, attorney Hodge said fares would also be raised for teachers and pupils because the government has not reliably paid a subsidy to the ferry operators.  If, however, the government said it could not pay the higher fare, then locals would not pay the higher fees.

“The burden will be placed on tourists who can afford to pay a little more,” attorney Hodge said.

4 thoughts on “Ferry fare may go up 16%”

  1. So, to get my suitcase to St. John: $25 airline fee, $1-2 skycap at airport, $1-2 skycap at St Thomas, $1-2 taxi fee on St. Thomas, $1-2 “tip” to get it on the boat, $4 on the boat, $1-2 “tip” to get it to the taxi, $1-2 for the taxi on St. John… …that’s up to $41 each way.
    So, when our family of 7 went to Cinnamon Bay we had 10 bags. $800+ round trip.
    The #&$-@ing tourists are getting tired of being nickeled and dimed to death.
    That is, If you want to say $100+ per person is being nickeled and dimed.

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