New Yorker criticizes Maho Bay room service

You can't make this stuff up.

A guest at the Maho Bay Camps blasted the eco-resort on Yelp

Vasyl F. of Rego Park, New York said, "This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in."

The Queens borough resident said the description of Maho he read on Expedia.com did not meet his expectations.

"No ocean view rooms … and no mountain view … they charge even to lock your door … tents are 30 years old and leaking, and cracks in the floors are so wide that cockroaches and lizards are flooding the dwelling. Restaurant is extremely dirty and the food is all from cans and is made in China."

As for being an 'eco-resort," Vasyl said, "They just don't repair the hotel and don't clean the territory, besides all their furniture, tables, plates, glasses and many more things are made of cheap toxic plastic which is definitely not eco-friendly."

In rebuttal, anyone who knows anything about Maho Bay also knows that Vasyl's expectations were way off the mark.  But, he may not be alone, given what The Inquiring Iguana found when he slithered to Expedia's Maho entry.

For starters, Maho describes itself as a three star "Coral Bay hotel with a private beach."  Misleading, some could say. The Expedia description of Maho is also, shall we say, 'generous.'

Maho's 'amenities' are listed (see below), suggesting the rustic resort, with accommodations from $80/night, could compete with villas. (It's the Select Comfort mattress that really caught The Iguana's attention.)

AmenitiesThe Iguana understands how Expedia wants Maho to present itself in the best light.  But, he also wonders how a smart guy from Queens could make the assumption that he was staying a a luxury-like hotel when the Expedia site reservation screen offers "tent cottage."  That's a pretty good clue to what he's going to get.

  • Vasyl F.'s review of Maho Bay on Yelp is here.
  • Maho Bay on Expedia is here.

16 thoughts on “New Yorker criticizes Maho Bay room service”

  1. Ahhhh, that’s what he gets for thinking he can get a 3 star “hotel” for $80 a night on STJ. It’s an eco resort, did he not get the memo? Key word, ECO. Someone did not do his Homework! I can’t wait to get back to Maho, all that he hates, we love!!! Fresh air, lizards, tree frogs, Iquanas,Bananquits, some of the best food on the island.We feel so much better when we get home after staying here. Too bad, so sad… I’m counting down the days….

  2. Many years ago we attempted to stay at Maho Bay because it was an Eco-Resort. We left within 48 hours (rooms were not properly cleaned etc…) and went to the Westin AND bought a Timeshare. Hooray for a clean shower and running water. Maho Bay is rustic. Almost camping.

  3. i’ve been to st. john and have seen maho bay camps while driving around the island. this guy vasyl was an idiot for not seeing what he was getting into.
    (but to tell you the truth, i wouldn’t stay there to save my life. i hate anything closely resembling camping. i think human kind has evolved enough to not have to live that way.)

  4. You get what you pay for. Ever hear that Vasyl? The bugs in Queens are worse than the bugs in Maho Bay. My wife and I love the island and you can keep the fufu hotels. Just try and enjoy the beauty that surrounds. I have a feeling Vasyl would find problems with a five star hotel.

  5. Bashing NY (and Queens) is really not cool. What does the fact that he comes from there have anything to do with his comments??

  6. I wouldn’t stay anywhere but Maho Bay. It’s the perfect getaway and it’s like my second home. If you don’t like it….LEAVE!

  7. I completely agree. I go there at least once a year. It’s one of a kind in the best ways! I hope its’ lease can be extended for trauma recovery camps.

  8. The amenities are really amazing! Where did these come from? I have been a camper at Maho Bay for years and if you look on their web site, there is NOTHING about sleep-number matresses, or housekeeping, or ocean views, except at Harmony, above the oroginal ecotents. I’ll bet the New Yawker did not even know that one should not touch the tent roof when it rains.

  9. That’s really very sad to hear, I know the experience would have been very bad. Staying in a cheap hotel room does not mean that we should compromise with the quality of the hotel and services. So it’s better to opt for cheap hotel rooms which provide quality service and facilities.

  10. vasyl, please stay in ny, where the closest thing to nature is the animal droppings and garbage that litter the streets. maho bay is an ideal getaway for many of us…a getaway from the 5-star westin/marriot “me, me, me” mentality that permeates our society. i’ll take tree frogs and iguanas over taxis and gunfire any day…and there will be at least one extra eco-tent available as a result of your not coming back.

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