Artist Lisa Etre profiled

Longtime St. Johnian Lisa Etre has been painting for decades.  As a co-founder of the Pink Papaya gift shop in Cruz Bay, her bright, island-inspired paintings, prints, place mats and coasters went to the states in  many a suitcase. 

Now, she’s moved on from supplying the shop, but she continues to create new works – which you can see on her web site (http://www.lisaetre.com).  In an interview with the with the St. John Source, she described how she’s also moving into new media, including handmade books, jewelry and masks.

(Read the Source story here.)

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  1. I found a piece of your art–I think at a thrift store in Reedsburg, Wi. I just love it and was so thrilled to find something so colorful and unique. It is signed ML Etre and dated 1983. It is a picture of two island women in red patterned skits and blue and peach striped tops with their right arms raised. They look like they may be at a market. Do think this is something you did? I’m taking it today to get it more professionally framed. I would love to hear from you.

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