Exiting the Marketplace?

It's going to be lonely at the Marketplace Shopping Center if island rumors are true.

On Trip Advisor's St. John forum last week, StJohnJulie said she's heard three current tenants are looking to exit the center.  She named the Gym, the La Plancha del Mar restauran.

"I am hearing that being a tenant at the Marketplace isn't the easiest, and people could be just throwing that in to the 'moving out' argument to make things seem really bad. We love our drama!"

On the other hand, the Nest gift shop has reopened after undergoing a makeover and upgrade.

6 thoughts on “Exiting the Marketplace?”

  1. Great news about Nest!!! I just love that place! And it is confirmed that Baked in the Sun will be moving to the spot next to Kilroy’s. They have a notice posted in the bakery that they will open there on November 1st. La Plancha del Mar plans to open in their new spot, old Paradiso, by mid November if not earlier, as well.

  2. I don’t blame La Plancha del Mar for moving.
    The only reason we haven’t tried it in many trips is the location. I simply don’t want to sit inside a shopping center on vacation. I rather be down close to the water, outside, enjoying the STJ environment.

  3. La Plancha del Mar is so good that if they decided to move to Skinny Leg’s bathroom I would probably still go 🙂 But their new spot will be KILLER!

  4. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I think that this will spell the beginning of the end for LPdelMar. Word is they have 2 years left on their Mark. lease, that they will still pay at 40K per annum. They now will have a bigger lease, bigger restaurant, more pressure etc., etc. They had a good thing going in the Marketplace but like ant colonies and Napoleon, the need to get bigger and more powerful and rich consumes them. Why can’t they just be content with their small, hugely successful restaurant? If it is that good, people will go to find them wherever. People might shy away from their Mongoose location due to the pricey perceptionof the mall.

  5. I have to say first congratulations to La Plancha and good Luck!
    As for Debbie Downer it is very interesting how much you seem to know about all the details with La Plancha. You must share some connection to the Market Place if you are privy to such information. If this is all true then the fact that you discourage a buisness from growth (wealth,power)is a contradiction. You might aswell attack the Market Place for greed. The Market Place has continuely overcharged tennets and has continued to grow in wealth and power.
    “Three great forces rule the world stupidity, fear, and greed.” Albert Einstein
    I think the Market Place has taken this quote and run with it.
    Congrats to all businesses who have move on to bigger and better things.

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