Real estate home listings up 31%

The number of residences for sale has climbed to 83, another record, continuing a trend since the summer.  A year ago, 63 houses were offered on the Multiple Listing Service. The median house asking price is $1.695 million; the average is $2.059 million, down $50,000 from the $2.1 million average a month ago. In the past month, the number of land listings has increased from 192 to 195. Condominiums offered for sale have risen from 21 to 25.

1 thought on “Real estate home listings up 31%”

  1. Listings going up. Prices dipping. Must mean something!!! Just not sure when the right time to jump in is. Is it at $1.2 million or $1.8 million at the high side.
    Or should I just continue to spend $4,000. a year on renting. Based on $1.2 million it would be 300 years till I discover my vacations were wasted money. Oh wait, 150 years if I go for a month a year.
    Oh, that’s right, but I don’t build up any equity!!

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