Popular Business Gets New Owner

ben copeland
How many of you have dreamed of packing up everything you own and moving to St. John? Well today we’d like to tell you about someone who recently did just that. Meet Ben Sinclair, the new owner and captain of Copeland Boat Charters.

Copeland Boat Charters is a popular day charter business that was started a few years back by Robin and Kevin Copeland. The business includes a 26-foot World Cat, as well as 21-foot Zodiac. It offers both full and half day trips throughout the US and British Virgin Islands to destinations like Jost Van Dyke, Norman Island, the Willy T and more. (Half day trips are for the US Virgin Islands only.)

26-foot World Cat
26-foot World Cat
21-foot Zodiac
21-foot Zodiac

Captain Ben, his wife Jen and their son Lincoln have vacationed on St. John several times, so they’re no strangers to the island. The family most recently lived in Utah, although Ben is originally from a small island off the coast of Canada. The story about how they ended up owning a business and living on St. John permanently is both a unique and inspiring one.

Back in 2010, Ben sadly lost his father to cancer. Four weeks later, he too was diagnosed with cancer. Now cancer-free, Ben used those two life-changing events as an impetus for his family’s move.

Life’s too short, so do what you love and do what makes you happy. That’s what Ben did, and that’s our advice to all of you.

If you’d like to know more about Captain Ben and Copeland Boat Charters, you can visit his website at www.copelandboatcharters.com. You can also check him out on Facebook.

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  1. Way to go Sinclairs! It was an honor being neighbors and friends in Park City for 10 years. You won’t see the last of me though! Myself, Keelie and the kids will be coming your way to visit. Have a boat ready with our name on it! Cheers!

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