11 Things You Learn Living On An Island

We came across this list by Monica Walton yesterday and thought we’d share it with all of you. We added our two cents here and there and some pics. I hope you all enjoy it.

11 Things You Learn Living On An Island

1. The ocean cures everything

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Whether it’s a hangover, a cold or if you’re just feeling blue, a dip in the ocean will solve all your problems.

2. Rushing is a waste of time

No shirt, no shoes, no service? Not here on St. John...
No shirt, no shoes, no service? Not here on St. John…

‘Island time’ is a genuine thing. You’ll learn that living life at a slower pace allows you to step back and appreciate the moment.

3. Less is more

Less clothes, less stress.

4. Clothes shopping is more exciting

Huge malls and outlets don’t exist on small islands. Not only will you save money and wardrobe space, you’ll learn to love sporadic shopping sprees abroad instead.

5. You don’t need McDonalds as much as you thought

Fast-food joints are creeping into small island territory but with grocery stores and restaurants at your fingertips, ‘fast-food’ doesn’t have to mean McDonalds and Burger King, it can be grabbing a fruit bowl at Kirk’s Supermarket a few minutes down the road.

(Who remembers when we thought McDonald’s was coming to Cruz Bay last year? Click here to read all about it…)

6. Sundays are indeed a day of rest

Island life is slow, and Sundays are all about doing nothing. In Cayman, most stores are closed on a Sunday. Some call us boring, but a beach day relaxing and rejuvenating is the perfect way to end the weekend on an island.

New News of St John Bottle Koozie

(Two words: Sunday Funday!)

7. You appreciate the little things

Like limes in your Corona.

8. You can get really creative in the kitchen

Evidently, you won’t always find what you need in the grocery store, and you can’t run out at midnight to grab food. You’ll either start experimenting in the kitchen or rely on gas station pizza. Either way you’re sorted.

9. You’ll be a regular everywhere

Variety is not necessarily the spice of life. Living on an island you’ll have your go-to spots within the first week of moving here. City life offers a lot of diversity when it comes to bars and restaurants, but being a regular has its advantages and you’ll make a few friends.

10. You’ll learn survival techniques

If the power shut down in the city, you’d be scrambling. But on an island, on the land and sea, natural resources are in abundance.

No power on Easter? We certainly made the best of it!
No power on Easter? We certainly made the best of it!

11. Downtime is the best time

Island life will leave you with a lot of spare time to reflect. It will teach you to take a step back and appreciate life, appreciate natural beauty and human kindness. You’ll learn to live in the moment, live freely and to not take life so seriously.

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  1. Loved this! I can’t wait to return to Saint John and practice “On Island Time”. I’m actually quite good at it, after visiting for over 25 years!! See you in September!!

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